Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

The iceberg is often used as a useful metaphor to understand how the conscious mind and subconscious mind are connected and work together. The iceberg is like the mind: the conscious mind is what we notice above the surface of the water, while the largest part of the iceberg being the subconscious (or unconscious) mind remains hidden under the surface. Only a small percentage of the mass is visible.

The subconscious mind contains memories, thoughts and feelings that are out of conscious awareness. These are often the supporting mechanisms behind our subconscious daily activities: control of blood pressure, heart rate, respiration etc. These activities that happen ‘automatically’ are regulated by the subconscious mind.

The mind is a wonderful instrument if used correctly, however it can be become very destructive if used wrongly. Imagination is the bridge that connects the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind. It allows a proportion of what is stored in the subconscious mind to come into consciousness. The conscious mind uses imagination to communicate suggestions to the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind makes this manifest. These suggestions can be words, images or feelings.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Albert Einstein

Imagination is of great importance in creating and manifesting what you desire in your life. Your imagination is strictly a domain that’s controlled by your thinking processes. The subconscious mind responds to impressions, the suggestions, the desires and the expectations of the conscious mind. Therefore you can consciously create thoughts and emotions, and use your imagination to place them in your subconscious mind. This will, in time, materialise in your physical realm.

You possess what the rest of Nature does not possess – Imagination – the instrument by which your create your world. Your imagination is the instrument, the means, whereby your redemption from slavery, sickness, and poverty is effected. If you refuse to assume the responsibility of the incarnation of a new and higher concept of yourself, then you reject the means, the only means, whereby your redemption – that is, the attainment of your ideal – can be affected.

Neville Goddard, ‘The Power of Awareness’

Psychologists believe that our subconscious programming comes from the first seven years of our life. The programming drives us through life and influences the way we respond to it, from dealing with emotions, responding to stressful events, managing past experiences etc.

The programming we have inherited becomes an automatic response to environments and circumstances; as we grow old we continue to create subconscious patterns, however the main patterns and beliefs are set when we are young.

The programming becomes the governing force in our lives, ultimately creating our reality and the way we see the world in which we live in.

We are not victims of anything other than the programs we are operating from. Change the programs you are operating from. If your subconscious programs match the wishes and desires of the conscious mind, your life will be one continuous honeymoon experience for as long as you live on this planet.

Bruce Lipton

Ways to reprogram your subconscious mind

1. Being Fully Present – The present moment is all there is. The past has gone, the future is yet to come. The present moment is the only moment we can use to create and manifest.  Eckhart Tolle, author of the best seller The Power of Now, writes that “All problems are illusions of the mind”. Every time we are not present, we are sending our vital force in the past or in the future, wasting our precious present moments that we will never get back. Grounding, Earthing, Mindfulness, are fabulous tools that can assist us in being fully present (click here to read about grounding and listen to the meditation).

2. Repetition & Affirmations – ‘Energy Follows Thought ‘. By selecting and practicing new thoughts throughout the day you are rewiring your brain to have different experiences. Different thoughts create different emotions, that create a different vibration of your energy field, attracting/rejecting new people or experiences into your life. Repetition is a bit like training and building a new muscle. It takes perseverance and patience, but results are guaranteed!

3. Hypnotherapy – Hypnotherapy is an effective, long-established and evidence based therapy that combines different hypnotic techniques. It is a skilled communication aimed at directing a person’s imagination in a way that helps elicit changes in some perceptions, sensations, feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

4. Holistic Therapies – Holistic Therapies work on the principle that our body is not all we have, in fact we are a combination of a body, a mind and a spirit. We are not human being having an occasional spiritual experience, but we are spirits having a human experience. Psych-K, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Regression Therapy, Theta Healing, are all capable of working with the energy body of a person, going to the root of a problem.

5. Visualisation – this is the creative ability to form images, words, colours, ideas and emotions in our mind without the interference of our external objective environment. Visualisation does not necessary mean ‘seeing’ as many people find it difficult to create images in their minds. Sometimes expectations are what, in itself, create obstacles to our imagination. If I were to ask you to imagine your bedroom, you’d probably get a temporary mental imagine of it. If you were able to do that, you would also be able to use the creative power of your imagination. However, seeing is not the only way we can visualise; we can use our hearing, our sense of smell, our emotions to create everything we want in our imaginative world.

There are no limits to imagination.

There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there you will be free, if you truly wish to be.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

6. Meditation – Meditation is a set of techniques for resting and transforming the mind that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, positivity, and a calm relaxed state. It helps attaining a state of consciousness that is totally different from the normal waking state. Meditation is not a religion, but a science. Practicing meditation induces relaxation and stress release, and benefits cardiovascular and immune health. Meditation practices bring unlimited power: scientific evidence suggests that mass meditation can reduce war and terrorism. (see grounding meditation).

Giancarlo Serra
Holistic Therapist & Trainer
Spiritual Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Reiki, Spirit Release


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