Reiki Meditation

Gassho means “to place the two palms coming together”.

This is a gesture of respect, humility and reverence and is used to concentrate the mind and express the total unity of being. It is seen as a connection between body, mind and spirit, promoting calmness.

The  Reiki Meditation Gassho Meiso Technique

Sit in a comfortable position, on a chair or on the floor, with your back straight.  Bring your hands together in prayer position (palms and fingers facing) and hold them in front of your heart chakra.

Breathe comfortably from the abdomen.  Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth during the Gassho meditation.  On the inhale, place your tongue on the roof of your mouth just behind the front teeth.  While exhaling, let your tongue drop to the bottom of your mouth.  Breathing this way stimulates major energy circuits in your body.

Focus all of your attention on the point where both middle fingers touch and forget everything else.  When thoughts come up, don’t fight them nor hold on to them;  let them pass by like the clouds in the sky as you bring your attention back to the point where both middle fingers touch.

Try and practice Reiki Healing Gassho meditation once a day for 20 minutes.  It will increase your energy and calm your mind.  Do not attempt to create a specific experience based on expectations or preconceptions; just be fully present to the point where your middle fingers touch.