Please find below a selection of Reiki music tracks that are normally played during my Reiki Courses in London. I also use these tracks for meditation and as a background music for my Reiki sessions. These music tracks create a very calm and relaxing environment to enjoy the full benefits of having a Reiki Healing session.

Reiki music can really enhance a Reiki session, whether you are doing a self-treatment, meditating or giving Reiki Healing to another person

Many of my clients ask to have Reiki Music in the background during their Reiki Healing sessions, because it helps them to relax deeply.

Reiki Healing music uses special frequencies that help armonising the energy body. Music is energy, and Reiki & music are a beautiful combination that help rebalancing the body, mind and spirit.

These are all Reiki music tracks that are available on the internet for you to enjoy.

Reiki Healing is a Japanese technique that helps to relax, to release anxiety and promotes healing on all levels.