Why Spirit Release Therapy?


Spirit Release Therapy is mainly based on the concept of spiritual reality, from the creation by Source to the eventual rejoining of all manifestation of God. This includes the reincarnation cycle and the condition of spiritual possession.

Historically, spirit possession has been practiced by medicine men and shamans. Today, Ministers employ much exhortation and prayer in performing ‘deliverance’ of those afflicted by demons.

Spirit Release Therapy and Past Life Therapy are closely linked in clinical application. Many times the interaction that lead to the spirit attachment in the current life of a client, is often discovered in the past life. The client will not benefit from Past Life Therapy is the entity or spirit attachment is not released. Even the best therapy will not bring any benefits if the cause of the problems is an attached spirit.

After the death of the physical body, the spirit should move to the Light, however for various reasons, this does not seem to happen. The spirit becomes ‘earthbound’ and it does not move to the next step of spiritual evolution and becomes ‘stuck’. The spirit does not go to the light, does not participate in the Review Stage, the Resting Stage, The Halls of Learning, or the Planning Stage. Spirit Attachment is not normally part of Life Plan developed by the Soul in the planning stage, with the rare exception when the attachment is planned by both spirits as part of karmic balancing. It may even get more complicated: in some documented cases, the spirit attachment had been planned by three beings: the attached entity, the person who was the host and the therapist who released the spirit attachment.

Spirit Release Therapy expresses the compassionate nature of this therapeutic work, which has the potential to bring deep healing to the person needing help, the client and numerous external energies that may be interfering with the wellbeing of the person.

Many people including psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists of all levels, body workers, religious authorities and lay persons, have participated in Spirit Release Therapy work. Thousands of people have sought assistance from them, with good results in many cases. After the sessions people report feeling lighter in body, mind and spirit. Problems and conflicts often dissolve completely.

Spirit Release Therapy is offered in London and worldwide.

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