Introduction to Spirit Release

Introduction to Spirit Release

Spirit Release Therapy is the means used to assist a client with a condition known as spirit or energy attachment and plays an integral role within regression therapy. Spirit Release can also assist any earthbound spirits, which are believed to be the spirits of deceased people who remain tied to the earth for a variety of reasons.

In this introductory workshop we’ll explore why spirit become earthbound after death and the different ways this can happen. We’ll talk about the different ways spirits attach themselves to people, places, objects and the symthoms that a person may manifest as a result of a spirit attachment.

These include: lack of energy, mood swings and character changes, memory disturbance and/or poor concentration, hearing disturbing voices, addictions and many more.

Content of the workshop:
– what are spirit attachments?
– how and why spirits become earthbound
– symthoms of spirit attachments
– how to detect earthbound spirits and spirit attachments
– how to safely release spirits
– psychic protection and grounding
– exercises

The total cost of the workshop is £55.


In order to join this course you should have some experience in working with energy.

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Introduction to Spirit Release