Reiki Master

Reiki Master

This unique Master Course is the next step in the Usui Reiki journey after Reiki 2, it offers an increase in your own energy, as well as the capacity to work with others on even more beneficial levels. This training involves a significant commitment on the part of all students, but will give you an excellent understanding of this art.

There are many benefits to becoming a Reiki Master. If you have got this far in your Reiki journey then you will have already seen and experienced the wonders of Reiki for yourself and others. At this level it gets even better! As well as deepening your Reiki experience, this course and this level of energy will also be wonderfully transformative for your own personal healing journey. We will also work on integrating Reiki into your life more in a practical, grounded way and also see how it ties in with other parts of your spiritual path.

Requirements to join the Reiki Master course:

  • Completion of the Usui Reiki level 2 including the ability to draw and name the symbols reasonably well.
  • To have successfully completed and presented to your Master Teacher two case studies each consisting of five treatments.
  • At least one year experience at working at this level (professionally or not) in Reiki shares and individual sessions

The Reiki Master journey

The Reiki Master Practitioner Course runs on 8 days (4 weekends) from 10am-6pm over a 12 month period

Students are expected to attend the first 3 modules (1, 2 & 3). After module 3, the student will achieve the Reiki Master Practitioner qualification, that allows to work professionally but not to teach Reiki. The student has then  the option to progress to modulo 4, which allows to teach Reiki. Module 4 can be taken on a later date if the student does not feel ready to take module 4.

Course Content

The course content is very comprehensive and in addition to the traditional Usui Reiki, covers many subjects including (modules 1, 2 & 3):

  • The initiation into four Reiki Master symbols
  • Setting up a Reiki energy grid inside a space
  • Reiki “psychic surgery”
  • Moving energy technique
  • Shadow and wounded healer
  • True and False Self
  • The multi-dimensional Reiki Grid
  • Working with crystals and Reiki and setting up a crystal energy grid
  • Clearing the energy of spaces
  • Working with the Hui Yin and the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation
  • The Violet Breath
  • Cutting cords with Reiki
  • Spirit attachments and releasing spirits with Reiki
  • Techniques e.g. visualisation, active meditation, body scanning
  • Creating a Safe Sacred Space
  • Developing your own Reiki practice
  • Review of all legal standards and requirements for practice and teaching.

Module 4:



To complete Reiki Practitioner Level 3a:

Following each two-day training module the student is required to complete a number of case studies and any or all of the following:

  • Student observation of Reiki training sessions at levels 1 & 2.
  • Participation in Reiki share groups.
  • Facilitation of Reiki shares including guided meditations, healing circles and empowerments.
  • One to one (phone or in person) or group tutorials with the Master Teacher to include discussion of relevant topics and practice of procedures.
  • Treatments of other students or clients, to be observed by the Master Teacher.
  • Presentation of case studies.

The student is required to maintain a written portfolio of his training with comments, observations and reflections on his progress for each activity undertaken so that he can present this to the Master Teacher.

The Master Practitioner certificate will be issued upon completion of this training.

Price on application.

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