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Spirit Release London

Spirit Release is the means used to assist a client with a condition known as spirit or energy attachment and plays an integral role within regression therapy.

In the natural cycle of life and death, the spirit moves to the Light after it has left the body. However, sometimes spirits become what is known as earthbound, because they cannot progress as they remain mentally attached to the earth plane for various reasons such as unfinished business, traumatic death, anxiety for a loved one on Earth, fear of the Light etc. They may be referred to as ghosts, spirits or intelligent hauntings, but are generally thought to possess the same personality and traits as the person who has passed on.

Earthbound spirits are rarely malicious, most of the times they are just confused and look for help. They manifest in different ways: they may stay in houses or places, or they attach to a living person.

Spirit Release London

Spirit Release London

” Spirits become bound to the earth for many different reasons, all of them having to do with the spirit’s consciousness. Depending on what they have been taught, some spirits are afraid that in the Light they will be judged and punished. Hoping to avoid what they believe will be painful; they attach themselves instead to some place or some person in the physical reality” (extract from Soul-Centered Healing, Thomas Zinser, Ed. D.)

Often people are unaware of how these energies are affecting them, as the effect can be quite subtle. However in some cases the impact of these energies on the person can be more noticeable. These energies can attach under different circumstances such as if we are unwell, highly emotional, have been in an accident or had a shock, been under anaesthesia or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The presence of earthbound spirits can affect people in a number of ways. The following is a sample of some symptoms that might indicate the presence of an earthbound spirit(s) or negative energies. (Please note the presence of one or more of the symptoms does not mean that you have a spirit attachment):

  • Lack of energy
  • Mood swings and character changes
  • Memory disturbance and/or poor concentration
  • Hearing disturbing voices
  • Abuse of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Impulsive behaviour
  • Severe anxiety, depression or physical problems with no apparent cause

Spirit Release is a loving process that can assist any earthbound spirits to free themselves from this vicious circle and continue their journey to the Light.

Spirit Release can help you with:

  • Release of spirit attachments, extraterrestrial and demonic energies
  • Psychic attacks, Black Magic Energy attacks, Curses, Spells, Hexes
  • Spiritual emergency
  • Clearing, Healing and Balancing of home and buildings

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Spirit Release Therapy session – what to expect
Before the session you will be sent a registration form and asked to give a history of the problem.  You will also need to provide your goals for the therapy. The objective of the spirit release therapy session is to identify and release any intrusive energies from the person’s energy field, to cleanse, balance, restore the aura and to prevent the problem happening again.

During the session, which usually last 1 hour, I will invite you to close your eyes and listen to my voice whilst I take you to a deep state of relaxation and a guided visualisation. One or more session may be needed.

Often spirits need to be released before a person can regress successfully. Spirit attachments can be identified and released using a wide range of techniques, that may involve hypnosis, energy body scans, guided visualisations and many more. It is a simple and very comfortable process. Healing will take place on different levels and will result in a positive shift in how you are feeling.

All the information from the client will be treated confidentially and will not be divulged without the full consent of the client.

I offer individual spirit release sessions in london, face-to-face or via skype. For more information and to book a session contact me.

I also run spirit release workshops in London and abroad. To check when the next spirit release workshop is please check the holistic workshops page and calendar.

I am a fully qualified Spirit Release Practitioner and trained with David Furlong at the Spirit Release Forum. I have also trained in Spirit Release with Sue Allen at the School of Intuition and Healing and with the Past Life Regression Academy. All my qualifications are available on this website and on request.

Please see below a list of interesting articles and videos related to spirit release.

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Spirit Release London

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