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Isabel - Healing, August 2017, London

The Great Invocation“For 6 months since someone spiked my drink, I had moments of feeling “normal” and “that’s not me”. I tried healing myself by listening to spiritual music all day and could feel the difference. But at one point I had lost myself completely, had recurring obsessive thoughts and felt as if I had no more control over myself. I couldn’t listen to spiritual or any other music anymore. I looked up “spiritual healing” online and came across Giancarlo. The day I spoke to him, I felt quite calm and was ready to trust him to try his healing methods on me. I met him once when he used Healing on me, I was back to “normal”. He understood that I was “out of my body” since the spiking incident and brought me back to my own body. I am so grateful to have come across Giancarlo as I feel extremely happy, grounded and back to life.” Isabel

Nevin Rupear - Reiki Level 1 course, London
nevin-rupear.png“This was an excellent course and experience. Giancarlo is an amazing teacher. He delivered all the contents of Reiki 1 in a very professional, calm and serene manner. I felt relaxed during the whole course and I wanted to learn more. Can’t wait for Reiki 2 with him. I loved learning about dealing with Reiki energy to heal others. The energy flow is truly an experience in its own. Learning about the Chakras, the Auras and the Meridians have been fascinating. I can’t wait to learn more and practise what I have learned so far. The Reiki 1 course has been a beautiful learning experience for me and my spiritual journey and I have realised that when we put our good intentions to help others, good things come to us to help others even more. I know that this is just the beginning for me and I am looking forward to do Reiki 2 with Giancarlo next year”
Maria Cristina Pinna – Reiki Level 1 course, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italia
CRISS PHOTO SITO“This was a very good course. Giancarlo is a great teacher, very professional, very humble and he’s able to create a lovely and peaceful enviroment for students to learn”
Ivan Sgualdini, Reiki Level 2 course
Ivan Sgualdini“Giancarlo is a very kind and charismatic person, and above all very professional. With him I have attended the Usui Reiki Levels 1 & 2 courses. These have been unique experiences that changed my life and the way I see things around me. Reiki is a path that everybody should walk. Giancarlo makes available all his experience (that goes far beyond the Reiki Master) and allows everyone to make full use of what is learned in the course”
Polly Holmes - Reiki Level 1 course
“Giancarlo offers an excellent course which gives a very good basic foundation for Reiki. He is a warm, charismatic and patient teacher. I came away from the course feeling refreshed in body and spirit. This is a course I would recommend to everybody. I can’t wait for Reiki 2”
Kerina Patton - Reiki Level 1 course, London
kerina-patton.png“Well paced course in terms of breaks and amount of information relayed during the day. Excellent level of knowledge and skill, I admire the passion and respect Giancarlo has for your subject, useful book recommendations, informative history of Reiki, kind, professional and patient with us and open to all sorts of questions which I felt comfortable to ask. I felt relaxed and at ease, the ideal conditions for productive learning. I enjoyed working in a small intimate group. This course has inspired me to learn more, read the books and fully immerse myself in this great new subject. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Reiki in a safe, relaxing atmosphere with a professional, patient and knowledgeable Reiki Master. After completing Level 1, I am confident to say I plan on gaining Reiki Level 2 and above with Giancarlo. I am so happy and grateful to have found him, and so unexpectedly, scrolling down on Facebook!”
Nathalia - Reiki Level 1 course, London
“A very good course. Giancarlo is very keen to share everything he knows about this subject”
Valentina Pirodda, ASD Circolo Salomè , Reiki 1 course, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
Valentina-pirodda.png“I was going through a very difficult time of my life, and this course helped me to remember that we are made of spirit, and find the way back to full awareness and joy”
Maria Elisabetta Loche - Reiki Level 1 course, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italia
“A great course with an excellent content. Giancarlo is very professional”
Valentina Cauli – Reiki Level 1 course, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italia
“An excellent course supported by a very good manual. Giancarlo is a great teacher, and he has a very direct and practical way to teach. This is an experience that I am sure will definitively improve my life. I truly recommend this course”
Atiya Khan – Reiki Level 1 course, London
“I completed level 1Reiki training with Giancarlo. He is truly an excellent teacher and professional. Giancarlo created a very supportive environment in which to learn reiki healing and the meditation. I enjoyed our classes and feel I learned a lot from this training course. I have been doing reiki on myself and thoroughly enjoy it. I can’t wait to take the other classes!! I highly recommend Giancarlo”
Deborah Pinna – Reiki Level 1 course, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italia
DHARMA PHOTO SITO“Reiki really helped me in my work as a medium. Giancarlo really helped me in this journey, he’s a really good teacher”
Student of Reiki 1 course, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
“When I learned that Giancarlo was running a Reiki Level 1 course I felt that it was the right time for me to receive Reiki, even though I did not know what it was. Thank you to Giancarlo and all members of my group”
Tammie Lee – Reiki Level 1 course, London
“A brilliantly planned course with a very useful manual to take away and use as a refresher tool. The days were packed with enthusiastic teaching and it was clear Giancarlo loves Reiki and spirituality. The balance between theory and practice was perfectly timed and I felt confident that I could channel energy when working on someone else and feel a connection. I was taught with patience and enthusiasm and feel well equipped to move on to Reiki Two in the future and to practice on my friends. A highly recommended course”
Carla Piga – Reiki Level 1 course Cagliari, Sardinia, Italia
“Giancarlo was very precise and professional, the course well structured and supported by a very good manual. I intend to put into practice all that I have learned, and practice on other people. Giancarlo impressed me for his professionality, simplicity, humble approach and the way he has supported me during this experience”
Jasna Dajic - Reiki Level 1 course, London
“I have learned a lot in two days, so much that after two weeks, I still remember 90% of the stuff that you taught us. What was also very positive is that I have learned a lot about myself during and after the course, especially when I started applying the newly gained knowledge of Reiki and self-awareness in my daily practice (self-healing using Reiki). What was also lovely was the light-hearted approach to teaching this subject which is everything but light. Overall, this was a well-structured and well-taught course and at the same a very enjoyable learning experience”
Agostino Peloso - Reiki Level 1 course, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italia
“This was a very positive experience, I can’t imagine having a better feelings of those I had during the course. Giancarlo has a very effective way to teach theory and practice. He’s available to support everyone with his very calm character”
Stefania Secci - training Reiki Master
Stefania foto“My Reiki journey started in 2014 when I attended a Reiki Level 1 course run by Giancarlo. The course and the Master both appeared at the right time and with this course, I began an exciting journey of personal and spiritual growth. Reiki for me is not just a healing tool but also a way of life and I have integrated into my daily routine. I have always found Giancarlo’s support very valuable, who’s experience and professionalism accompany me in this wonderful journey. Love & Light, Stefania”
Martina Ciarrocchi - Stop Smoking session

Martina Ciarrocchi pic“I contacted Giancarlo because I had been smoking for 12 years (both real and electronic cigarettes) and tried to stop several times unsuccessfully. I went to see him in October after being referred to him by two friends who had hypnosis to stop smoking and we’re happy with the results.
He was very nice and clear about how the session would have been and realistic in setting expectations as success is linked to will power. The session was one hour and a half and was a very positive and relaxing experience which also left me motivated. Giancarlo also provided me with a recording to listen to at home. I had my last cigarette before the session. After that, I had the desire to smoke just a few times and actually tried in 2 occasions but never had real cravings as in the past when I tried to stop. It was an overall easy and natural process and I have been smoke free ‎for over 3 months now. I strongly recommend Giancarlo to anyone who wants to stop smoking and I have been promoting him even to people less willing to try as the potential benefits could be invaluable and would more than offsett the fear of failure!” Martina


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