be playful with energy

I’ve always had problems sleeping and falling asleep, and it recently got worse.

What I am going to tell you can radically change the vision for your Life. The message that is being communicated to you by the sleep problem is inviting you to Awake, to stop sleeping, to Awaken to your True Nature. Therefore, you are not a human being who is having a human experience in order to become Divine, but You Are the Divine Being incarnated that is having a human experience.
Do you understand the difference?

Yes, I do.

Your earthly experience, like that of all the other human beings, is to experience who you are not, to remember Who You Are and to live in accordance with this rediscovered Truth. In this part of your Journey, you are ready not only to rediscover Who You Are, but to live in accordance with your True Nature. However, you are still anchored to knowledge (although is useful for the Awakening) that keeps you asleep. Therefore, even if you know many techniques, even if you clearly sense what you Feel Deep Inside, you are keeping yourself in the cause – effect, preventing the free flow of Unconditional Love that You Are. So, you are ready to Awaken, but not yet Awaken.
Do you understand what I mean?

Not completely. I am trying to … I cannot focus on what you are saying … of what you said about knowledge … I understood that you said it’s limiting me somehow …

Because techniques and approaches are rigidly used by you. All disciplines and techniques are perfect if you observe them through the lens of the Absolute, therefore through Oneness, or Unity. But when you rigidly use them – “if I do this it will not work”, “if I do that it will work”, “ if … …” – energy is energy: let your knowledge be free and let it be resonant with Oneness. You will then be able to sleep like a baby, since you will also be in the flow like a baby.
Is it clear for you?

Not fully, as I think that what I studied … teachers exist … it’s true that everybody needs to rediscover these techniques, practice them, and see if they are useful for themselves, but they have to be … I cannot understand what you mean by “rigidity” … that “you cannot practice rigidity practice them”, since it sounds a bit like a contradiction with … teachers obviously do not say that, but they say “determined, with continuity, paying attention, with …” may they also say rigidly, I do not know …

Paying attention, with determination, intentio … is not rigidity. Putting things into a sequence such as “this comes before, that comes after”, “I do this first, then I do that”, “I cannot do this if I first do not do that” this is using them rigidly.
Is it clear for you?


Therefore, what for you is important is not to forget or disregard what you have learned, but using it not through the experience of others, but by following the flow of energy that emerges from your Centre. To see yourself as a Divine Being who is having a human experience and that plays with energy, that plays with energy with another, with another form that is Oneness manifested, which appears separate from you but you are aware and conscious that that form is still his own manifestation.
Is it clear for you?

Yes, it is.

When you will be consistent with this, your inner peace will respond to it and you will be able to sleep.

Excerpt of a Channeling from the Source session
of 10.01.2024

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