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All information provided is private and confidential.

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    What would you most like to experience during these 10 weeks?

    In what way do you want your relationship with Reiki to be enhanced by having participated in this Reiki Laboratory?

    Below are some of things we thought about and discussed in our own process. Please feel free to reference these points in your answer if you find that useful. Our goal in asking you to take the time to reflect on these questions is to help us co-create the best Reiki laboratory experience possible.
    - What I bring as a Reiki practitioner - before, during and post sessions
    .. Enhance my capacity to use Reiki energy
    .. What are my gifts and where are my challenges?
    - Create the beginnings of an ongoing community of healers
    - Create a place where I can reach out if I find myself unsure of how to proceed with a client
    - Make me more aware of other allied healing options and create abilities to make use of collaboration

    Do you have an interest in forming an ongoing group of professionals? If yes, what would you like to gain from this.
    A place to discuss specific practice aspectsA place to discuss practice protocolsA place to discuss client challengesMore ideas? Please be specific

    Anything else to ask or add? Please take a moment to share your thoughts.

    Privacy Note
    All information provided in private and confidential. No information about any client will be discussed or shared with any third party without written consent of the client or parent/guardian if the client is under 18.

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