What Is A Reiki Attunement?
What Is A Reiki Attunement?

The attunement is the most important part of the initiation into Reiki Healing.  During the attunement the ability to channel Reiki energy is transferred to the student by the Reiki Master.

The meaning of attune is “to bring into harmony with”. During this energy transmission the students’ body of energy is being attuned to the higher frequency of Reiki which sets up an energetic channel in the student and empowers them to channel Reiki for the rest of their life. 

During the attunement process the Rei or spiritual consciousness makes adjustments in the student’s chakras and energy pathways and also in deeper part of one’s consciousness to accommodate the ability to channel Reiki energy; it then links the students to the Reiki source.

The process is guided by Reiki or spiritual consciousness and each person has a unique experience: some report having mystical experiences involving personal messages, healing, visions, and past life experiences.

However, not everyone has these experiences. Often when it happens, the experience isn’t as dramatic and all that the student is aware is a feeling of relaxation, even though the student is receiving all the benefits of the attunement.

The attunement is usually followed by a period of energetic adjustment.  Your whole Being will adjust to the higher frequency of Reiki over time and it is advisable to support this process with daily self-treatments, a healthy diet, lots of rest and by drinking sufficient amounts of pure water.

Following the attunement, many people may experience an increased sensitivity to their own energy and that of others. They may also notices changes such as growing self-confidence and trust in life, as well as the surfacing of unresolved problems to be solved now in the light of the new energy available; a greater response/ability and focus on what you want in life.

You may want to start keeping a journal to keep track of and acknowledge the ways in which the Reiki is affecting your life, your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

You may also like to start reviewing each day before going to sleep, backwards from night to morning.  If you can pay increased attention to your body and its needs, then you will probably notice feedback it gives you in the form of gut feelings, levels of comfort and the state of your health. 

Ground yourself frequently through self-treatments , light exercise, breathing well, good wholesome food and drink, walks in fresh air, gardening etc and if possible activities like Yoga/Chi Kung/Tai Chi.


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