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Giancarlo Serra


Giancarlo Serra

Giancarlo was born in Sardinia, Italy; he had a natural interest in the mysterious and unexplained from an early age and initially pursued studies in Environmental Engineering and Science, however he found that this did not answer all of the questions he had in relation to phenomenon that simply could not be explained by science and, following a Reiki treatment he received for himself when conventional medicine failed, changed direction to follow the path of complementary holistic therapy and natural healing.

Giancarlo teaches people from many different professions, backgrounds, and belief systems in all levels of Reiki, from complete beginners through to advanced Reiki practitioners. After completing a Reiki course, students are equipped to confidently use Reiki for their own personal growth or professional career. Students find that the experience gained through Reiki training can enrich and enhance their everyday life.

In his treatments he blends Reiki with other holistic approaches, such as Spiritual Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression.

He currently teaches courses and workshops in the UK and overseas and also runs a private practice in London.

He is a Consultant Healer at the College of Psychic Studies in London. He also works at Marie Curie Hospice Hampstead, London, where he provides Reiki treatments to people living with a terminal illness.


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