Earthbound Spirits: How to Identify and Recognise Them – 5 August 2023 – ONLINE


  • 5 August 2023
  • 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm UK Time
  • On Zoom

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In the natural cycle of life and death, the spirit moves to the Light after it has left the body. However, sometimes spirits become what is known as earthbound. They cannot progress because they remain mentally attached to the earth plane. This can be for various reasons, such as unfinished business, traumatic death, anxiety for a loved one on Earth, fear of the Light etc.

These earthbound spirits may be referred to as ghosts, spirits or intelligent hauntings. They are generally thought to possess the same personality and traits as the person who has passed on. These spirits are rarely malicious. Most of the time, they are just confused and looking for help.

Earthbound spirits manifest in different ways: they may stay in houses or places, or they attach to a living person. Often people are unaware of how these energies are affecting them, as the effect can be quite subtle. However, in some cases the impact of these energies on the person can be more noticeable.

This livestream workshop, topics will include:

  • – Spirit Attachment and the Cycle of Life and Death
  • – Vulnerability to spirit attachment
  • – Effects of spirit attachments
  • – Why spirits become earthbound
  • – Identifying the types of spirit attachments
  • – Methods of protection when working with spirits
  • – Visualisation and guided imagery exercise: Finding Your Inner Core Balance Point, Centering and Grounding


Giancarlo Serra is a tutor and consultant of the College of Psychic Studies in London. He is a Reiki Master/Teacher of the Western Lineage of Reiki, as well as a Gokuikaiden (Reiki Master) of the Japanese Lineage. He is an accredited Spiritual Healer and a Past Life and Regression Therapist. Read more.