Transformational Healing Experience – 30 January 2024 @ 7:00 PM UK Time


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The audio recording of the session is sent to all registrants shortly after the event is finished (even if you could not attend)

““The first stage is claiming the intention: “I am Word through this intention to do whatever you wish. Word I am Word,” “I am Word through this intention to do whatever I want. Word I am Word,” and then you fill in the blank. “I am Word through my desire to know myself more.” “I am Word through my intention to believe in my abilities.” “I am Word through my intention to create the perfect job.” “Word I am Word through these intentions. Word I am Word,” is how we present it. Now once this is stated, the energy moves and we go forward in consciousness and we create with the vibration. So the first stage is the intention.


The next stage is acclimation to the frequency. Once you have stated an intention and it goes forth, then you have to acclimate to it. And that means to respect it and to believe it and to honor it.

You cannot set out an intention to clean your apartment and then throw a bottle of garbage on the floor and sit back and expect it to be cleaned. You have to take the actions that correspond to the intentions. But that doesn’t mean blind action. It simply means staying conscious and present as your intention is set forth: “If I move as I am moved, I will then make the choices that are in honor of the intention I have created and set forward.” That is different than acting blindly; it is different than running around acting as if you don’t truly believe it’s so. But when we say acclimate, we simply mean you have set the intention and now you have to let it settle in, and honor it, and believe it, and trust that it is coming into fruition. That is part two.


The third part is reception: “I am in my reception of my intentions, reaping the benefits of that which I have called forth into being. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.” Here we have just given you a hint that you can actually call forth your intention and then set the intention to receive the benefits of it as well, which will actually anchor it in more fully in vibration if you wish to do it this way. But you can also just trust in faith, in cosmic truth, that when you set out an intention in light it is returned to the sender in fullness.


Prayer is a form of intention; however, there is a difference between begging for something and stating your own worth as the receiver of an answered prayer. However, in order to do this fully you have to believe you are supported in prayer, or in your intention, or whichever way you want to describe this process for yourself given your history and your vocabulary. If you believe that there is a God who is saying no all the time, that will be your experience.” ― 

Paul Selig, I Am the Word: A Guide to the Consciousness of Man’s Self in a Transitioning Time.


The Transformational Healing Experience brings in high-frequency energies that are very powerful and effective as they come directly from Infinite Consciousness.

It is highly effective in removing dissonant energy in the physical body, aura and chakras, working to help release any blocks, healing and integrating other lives, re-aligning your subtle bodies, and providing insights and guidance. Sometimes we will explore your beliefs and attitudes to enable the transformative process to unfold and effectively move blocks in your energy consciousness system.

Integration of mind, body, and soul restores balance within the system, making true transformation and transmutation possible. This process promotes the consistent and unlocked flow of energy throughout the body, bringing the mind, body, and emotions into attunement with the soul.

This work will take place mostly in the unconscious parts of the mind while you remain in a state of calm and peace. The energies continue to work deeply into your system, recalibrating, reconfiguring and transforming it over the days following a session.


What does this process involve?
  • – We will work on one issue or problem per session. This may be a belief or a fear that has come to the surface for you and you are ready to release. You may have to work on the same problem or issue for several sessions.
  • – In the first 10 minutes you will identify what you want to work with. This usually emerges naturally as part of the process There is no ‘right or wrong’ answer, whatever you decide to work with is perfect for you for the session.
  • – Once the problem or issue has been identified, please take the paper you used the write the problem (and any papers from previous sessions) and hold them against your chest for the rest of the session. This will create a resonance between the information you have written on the paper and your Heart Centre.
  • – I will then take you through the process, which involves visualisations, affirmations, methaphors, healing, silence.  
  • – At the end of the session I will invite you to tap parts of your body (it’s called ‘tapping‘ – please see the picture below). Tapping draws on the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture, which teaches that the body’s energy travels along specific pathways. Certain points on these pathways are stimulated to improve the flow of energy. The stimulation is done by tapping certain points in the body. 
  • – Please take some time to rest after the session. The energies continue to work deeply into your system, recalibrating, reconfiguring and transforming it over the days following a session.


How To Prepare
    • – Spend a few minutes in silence/reflection and set an intention for the session.
    • – Think of a problem or issue you want to address and write it down on a piece of paper. 
    • – Have a diary/notebook ready to write any insights that you may have during or after the session.
    • – You can be seated or lying on the floor or change position during the session, moving to the floor or returning to the chair.
    • – This event will last approximately 1 hour.

Tapping points for the session