Your Spiritual Health Programme


Your Spiritual Health Programme consists of a series of five (or more) bespoke sessions that are delivered online

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Your Spiritual Health Programme


Grounded in good science and inspired by the best in spirituality. 
Your Spiritual Health Programme will help you: 
  • – Boost your emotional wellbeing
  • – Improve your physical and mental health
  • – Connect with the good things in life


There is a wealth of evidence that spirituality can be great for your health, happiness and wellbeing. The Spiritual Health Programme shows you exactly how to bring these good things into your life. It is the result of ten years research and development by a group of educators dedicated to understanding and clarifying the connections between spirituality and good health.

At the heart of the Spiritual Health Programme are these three important elements: Connection – Peace of Mind – Care and Compassion.

Connection: The foundation of spiritual health is your personal connection with the wonder and energy of life. From a flower, through a child’s smile, to the awesome night sky there is a magic and beauty to existence. It is crucial that day-by-day you have times of connecting with this wonder and energy. This is your spiritual fuel.
In the Spiritual Health Programme you will discover your own best ways of making this connection.
Spirituality: Your natural connection with the wonder and energy of life

Peace of Mind: From birth to death you are on a spiritual journey to become a wiser and better person. Every situation, easy or painful, is an opportunity to become more loving, compassionate and conscious.This is the true foundation of happiness and inner peace. In this programme you will be guided through how to manage your spiritual growth to find peace of mind.
Spiritual growth: The development of love and consciousness

Care and Compassion: The third foundation of spiritual health is to give care and love to others. You are part of the web of life and your spiritual generosity
supports everyone’s health. Caring for others triggers a feedback loop of wellbeing that nourishes your own body and soul. In this programme you will be reminded
and shown precisely how to do this.
Compassion: Caring for others while aware of their pain

Your Spiritual Health Programme consists of a series of five (or more) bespoke sessions that are delivered online. You will be given a copy of Your Spiritual Health Programme and guided to discover your own best way to “connect to the wonder and energy of life”.


Spiritual Companions Trust

Your Spiritual Health Programme is a project of the Spiritual Companions Trust a UK-wide educational charity that develops resources and programmes at the interface of spirituality and healthcare.

We celebrate diversity and welcome people from all spiritual traditions and none at all. Our emblem is a feather on water. Our work requires care and sensitive awareness — a light touch.

We are dedicated to supporting people in a person-centred and holistic approach to spirituality.

All Spiritual Companions adhere to the Spiritual Companions Guidelines. We are not aligned with any particular faith and our members tend to belong to that section of society which may label itself as ‘spiritual but not necessarily religious’ . We welcome people from all faiths and none.

Spiritual Companions evolved from a series of experimental courses run by William Bloom in the 1990s. These courses were titled the Open Mystery School and were based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly. Their purpose was to understand the core practices at the heart of all spiritual approaches, but free of their particular beliefs, myths and symbolism.

Check the official page of the Your Spiritual Health Programme

Spiritual Companions website


Giancarlo Serra is an accredited Spiritual Health Mentor of the programme and will lead you through exercises to help you deepen this connection on a daily basis. Demonstrating how you can sustain a nourishing connection to the good things in life, you will also be introduced to other key parts of the programme, including how to generate Peace of Mind and Develop Care and Compassion, and the science behind the health benefits.