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Holy Fire® Online Experience
I have very much enjoyed the Holy Fire reiki experiences with Giancarlo. Every session provides healing of some kind, whether it be related to a situation in the present day, or something long forgotten from the past, which is impacting the here and now and needs attention. Giancarlo skillfully and gently guides participants with visualisations and suggestions, to access the wonderful power of the mind and healing energy. Despite this gentle approach, these experiences are incredibly powerful and bring healing where it is needed, as well as insights, creative ideas and actions to take for moving forward. I always leave the sessions feeling calm, insightful and creative - and of course at peace from the healing! Thank you Giancarlo!
Teresa Marshall
- Holy Fire® Online Experience
The experience has been different each time and today, I saw and felt a strong sense of green energy before starting the actual session. So when you said today was about Love, I smiled and was appreciative also for the information that the Holy Fire energy begins when we first 'connect'. I certainly felt that today. Usually, I have visions in purple or orange sometimes deep blue. Experiencing 'green' today felt like a breakthrough. After the Zoom call ends, I continue for quite some time and rest until called back by nature. Re-entering the 'now' of the day, takes some while to reassemble as if coming back from another dimension. I wonder where we go? I can't say that I understand all the energetic fields but I have felt the need for more connection in these times and these sessions do allow that opening out to invite others into a global experience.
- Holy Fire® Online Experience
It was a beautiful experience. My first place of Nature was in a beautiful waterfall with pure water that I was swimming into and observing the colours of the trees and flowers around me as well as the beautiful blue sky. The forest was darker but the trees were big and smelt so nice. In the river of Life I could feel very happy and peaceful and Love was the main feeling I could feel. While swimming and enjoying it I turned around and saw someone I know there sitting on the edge looking at me and smiling so much with kindness and love too. He came to the water and took me in his arms. It all felt so nice, magical and peaceful, I didn't want to come back to reality.
Laetitia Bouffard
- Holy Fire® Online Experience
Giancarlo is a gifted Spiritual Guide and a devoted Reiki Healer! I have attended many times the Holy Fire Experience groups in person or online, either. All the times, I experienced an amazing, strong Energy to embraced me and all of the participants as well! An unbelievable sense of peace drowned me far away through the Light! I felt a superior sense of sinking and resting, flowed all over of my body, expanded around me, in front of me , within me. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to do those trips with the Holy Fire Reiki, especially this tough period.
Maria Vlachou
- Holy Fire® Online Experience
Last week, previously brought many memories from throughout the years of my childhood to early teens, which I had “forgotten” which felt a bit like a filtration process! This week as the meditation began, I felt a lot of tingling on the top of my head and felt a bright light on my cheekbones, which I usually experience when I’m connected to source. I could feel the energy in the room immediately as you started the meditation and it was quite strong/ intense. I found the half hour meditation with the piano music particularly relaxing. There was a lot of love around my heart chakra and this made me think of the relationships/ love that I have with some of my close family and friends... and I saw a great rainbow, from the beginning to the end... My mother’s energy also came in from above as well.
Karen Marie Smith
- Holy Fire® Online Experience
I’ve known Giancarlo since 2017 when I had an out of body experience during the first healing session with him. Since then, I’ve consulted him on some spiritual experiences. During the current Covid lockdown, I have felt the illness and anxiety around. So when Giancarlo mentioned about the Holy Fire Reiki session, I signed up it. During the session today (April 05), I followed his guidance to reach the recipient mode. I then saw a hut in the middle of the mountains like being on top of Great Wall of China. I then started floating up into the sky, where I met Ganpati whom I’ve considered God since childhood (I now know there is only one though after I started exploring spirituality but I continue the image). I then entered the sun - it felt like being inside a huge fire ball with warmth and met thousands of people there. We all formed a circle and then danced around. We then invited my body to come up and then offered it healing - both physical and mental. It took a while as we had to offer several layers of healing. When there was finally a smile on my face (body), we all spent time dancing around. I then started descending down - my body and I. Whilst descending, I visited my vision homes in NY and San Diego. And then eventually came back to my current home in NY, and integrated as one within my body. After the session, I spent a couple of hours lying down just to feel that experience and digest it. I felt much more energetic throughout the day and I can feel lot of tension in my body has been released too. Wow what an experience - truly cherishing it!
Isabel, USA
- Holy Fire® Online Experience
Holy Fire® Reiki
I recently did my Reiki 1 training with Giancarlo and I'm so glad I chose this course. Giancarlo has a wonderful energy and I felt calm and welcome right away. He is a gifted teacher, kind and patient with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I am so pleased to have found him and look forward to doing my Reiki 2 with him soon.
Courtney Kelly-Deeks
I recently took my Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master course with Giancarlo. During the class I received much healing and during one of the ignitions I even went back to a past life to heal something! Giancarlo is a very knowledgeable teacher and very patient. His delivery of the course materials made it very easy to understand and he even touched on things that were not in the course material, but that he thought would be very helpful in my Reiki practice. Take your Reiki practice to the next level and take a class from Giancarlo!
Tammy Miller
- Tarpon Springs, Florida
Back in November, I joined Giancarlo’s Chakra Online Course. I found 2020, like most, to be a very unfulfilling year. I no longer had a job; my writing suffered as I couldn’t find inspiration or motivation from anywhere. I needed something to change that and I felt that maybe I was suffering from some form of energy blockage. I was so glad when I discovered and joined the course. Not only is Giancarlo a very patient teacher, but he also knows what he’s talking about and knows what he’s doing. By the end of week one, I felt I had found the root of my problem already, literally in my root chakra. Following the meditation, it was like whatever was weighing me down had disappeared. From that point onwards, things started looking brighter. A few days later, I sat down and started writing again. Ideas began to flow and it felt great. By week three of the course, a friend told me of a job vacancy and suggested I apply. I applied for the job and received the best Christmas present ever on Christmas week. I got the job. It pays well, has excellent benefits and it’s in a company that I have wanted to work in for a long time. I can only say that this Chakra course has been the most fulfilling and positive experience of my life. To go from having no job and no motivation to completing over half of the first draft of my next novel and receiving news of a new day job, all in the space of six weeks from when I started the course, is nothing short of amazing. Thank you Giancarlo. You come highly recommended.
Elaine Cremin
Giancarlo Serra has the ability to teach energy work in a way that adds a lot of information, supports the integration of that incoming information, makes it fun and adds the opportunity to begin to collaborate with others in the classes. I took the class on Chakras and I have taken in information that definitely adds to what I am able to add to my therapy work with clients. It added a very useful lens. I highly recommend giving yourself a chance to experience all that Giancarlo’s wisdom and kindness has to offer. I personally look forward to more. Thank you Giancarlo.
Michael Colberg
Giancarlo is one of a kind! He is so inspiring, professional, pleasant, knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to train with him, I have grown as a practitioner and person. They way he shares his profound knowledge and wisdom gained from extensive training and experience, is so inspiring and engaging. For me he is the embodiment of a true Master and teacher. I am very proud to have taken my (Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master) class with him and I feel ready and empowered to share what I have learned.
Anne Kim Thordsen
- Attended Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master
Shirley Clements
I had never attended a course anything like this before, I was worried I may not feel anything, but how wrong I was. I have been overwhelmed with the feelings of energy passing through me. Giancarlo is very knowledgeable, calm and caring - making everything simple to understand. I would recommend this course unreservedly and in particular Giancarlo.
Shirley Clements
- Attended Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Fire III, I & II course on Feb 2020
David Ashworth
Giancarlo is a beacon of light in an ocean of darkness. At some time, we all need to find a beacon of light to help us on the way. The beacon shines bright because it is lit by the love in his heart. If you work with people who come from such a place of love, then you cannot fail to find the path.
David Ashworth
- the Original Channel of the Emerald Heart Light and Founder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, Creator of the Keys of Transformation Essences, Author of 6 books
Nevin Rupear
Il corso e’ stato eccellente. Giancarlo e’ un fantastico insegnante che con professionalità, calma e serenità ci ha assistito durante questi due giorni meravigliosi. Non vedo l’ora di partecipare al corso di Reiki Secondo Livello. Il corso di Reiki 1 e’ stata un’esperienza meravigliosa che mi aiuterà nel mio cammino spirituale.
Nevin Rupear
- Corso Reiki Primo Livello, Londra, UK
Helen Louise David
I believe the universe guided me to Giancarlo to fulfill my passion to learn Reiki. He is a patient and kind Master and an excellent host and teacher of this wonderful therapy. I am looking forward to completing my Reiki 2 with him.
Helen Louise David
- Reiki Level 2 course, London UK