Beaming Reiki Technique

Beaming Reiki Technique

This technique was developed by the International Center for Reiki Training and allows practitioners to channel and beam Reiki energy to a client. Practitioners can activate the distant symbol HSZSN and beam Reiki energy to a client from across the room.

The client can be sitting on a chair or lying on a Reiki bed. It is a technique that can be use at the beginning/end of a standard treatment or it can be done by itself.

As always, the practitioner’s intention is the main catalyst in this process. Reiki is channelled and beamed to the aura of the client, even from four/five metres away. Beaming substantially increases the energy exchanged between the practitioner and the client, treating the whole aura, and activating a unique healing process.

The practitioner holds the intention that his hands are like satellite dishes, capturing Reiki energy from ‘the field’ and redirecting it towards the client. This can also be done through the eyes, imagining Reiki rays coming out of the pupils and reaching the client’s aura or areas that need it.

The more this powerful technique is used, the stronger it becomes, and more benefits it can bring to practitioners and their clients.

Focus your mind only on Reiki, gently brushing away any thoughts that come into your mind. Just allow your consciousness to merge with the Reiki consciousness, allowing Reiki and your Reiki guides to assist you in your healing treatments.

Giancarlo has over ten years of experience in healing work. He teaches the Usui/Tibetan and Holy Fire® systems of Reiki and works as a Consultant Healer at the College of Psychic Studies in London.