Holistic Retreat Sardinia Summer 2023
Holistic Retreat in Sardinia – Summer 2023
The Life That You AreHow To Create And Manage The Existence that Deep Within Yourself, You Feel You Want For Yourself
Oristano, Sardinia – Hostel Rodia
26 August – 2 September 2023
In English and Italian


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Albert Einstein


Massimo Bongini – Nature & Hiking Guide

Giancarlo Serra – Energy Healer & Reiki Master Teacher

Lucia Giglioli – Speech Therapist, Holistic Researcher & Facilitator

Antonio Mastidoro – Holistic Researcher & Facilitator

(See below for tutors’ profiles)

Why Should I Participate In This Retreat?

When deep withing yourself you feel the life you created as a result of what you learned, is not the one you want to live, the Absolute manifests in your Path the opportunities for a breakthrough that enables you to “create” what fullfils you.

This Retreat is one of them.

Retreat Activities

The program includes teachings, silence, experimentation, meditation, sharing, surprise, discussion, game, exercising for physical – mental and spiritual stimulation, community, relaxation, vacation .. more experimentation and … much more … conceived, combined and oriented towards the goal of the retreat: to Expand as an individual and as a group.

Where and When?

Oristano, Sardinia – Hostel Rodia


from 26 August 2023 @ 3:00 PM until 2 September 2023 @ 5:00 PM


We will spend time in class and time outdoors in nature.

7:00 AM – Exercises to awake mind, body and spirit

8:30 AM – Breakfast

9:15 AM – Subject of the Day – Part 1

11:00 AM – Silence and Personal Work

12:00 PM – Group Sharing

13:00 – Lunch

14:30 – Relax, Rest, Vacation

16:45 – Subject of the Day – Part 2

18:30 PM – Silence and Personal Work

19:30 PM – Group Sharing

21:00 – Dinner

22:00 – Evening Activity, Closing Meditation, Good Night!

On August 29, we will have half a day of complete rest, relaxation, and vacation. The group will have lunch together and will meet at 20.00, in the place that will be indicated by the organizers, to have dinner and conclude the evening together.

Educational, logistical, and organizational needs may involve changes to the program of the days.

Entry Requirements

The retreat is only open to members of MaeStr’Ale Association. The cost of the membership fee (for 1 year) is 25 €.

No special knowledge is required, and you do not need to have taken part in the events in previous years.

How To Register

The success of the initiative depends on the spirit of community, therefore participants are asked to eat all meals together at the facility hosting the event.

Participants requesting to take part in the retreat choose to consume only vegetarian food.

How Much?

<> Registration Fee <>

75 € (not refundable)

You can pay the registration fee in two instalments: 35 € when you register and 40 € before the start of the course.

<> Participation Fee <>

You can freely decide how much you want to pay.

The registration fee and the participation fee are not refundable in the event the participant decides not to complete the course.

<> Staying at Hostel Rodia <>

Checking in: Saturday 26 August 2023 – checking out: Saturday 2 September 2023

Meals only (Breakfast, lunch, dinner): 45 € per person, every day – total cost 315 € – mandatory

Pensione completa (staying at the hostel, not mandatory; meals, mandatory)

a. Apartment for 4 people (2 double rooms with shared bathroom): 70 € per person/day – total cost: 490 €

b. Double room (with shared bathroom): 85 € per person/day – total cost: 595 €

c. Single room + single room (with shared bathroom): 90 € per person/day – total cost: 630 €

4. Single room: 95 € per person/day – total cost: 665 €

Participants will have to contact the hotel personally. To confirm the reservation, the hotel requires a deposit of 30% of the total stay, balance on site.

In addition to the Hotel cost you need to add the ‘tassa di soggiorno‘ of 1 euro per person per night.

Dinner on 29 August will take place at a local pizzeria, in which every participant is asked to pay what they ordered.

Tutors Profiles
Lucia Giglioli

Graduated in Speech Therapy, she is a Researcher, a Holistic Facilitator, Master Practitioner, Coach in Neuro Linguistic Programming (PNL) certified by dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of PNL, and The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as well as certified Omega Healing Coach by Norma Van Oosten.
She trained in Bioanalogy, Numerology, Reiki, Inca Spiritual Tradition, Tibetan Bells, Pranic Healing 1st level, Subtle Energies, Radiesthesia and Radionics, Oracle Training (1st and 2nd mod) with Joy and Roy Martina, energies of habitat, learning and speed reading.

Lucia is Laughter Yoga Leader certified by the School of Laughter Yoga of dr. Madam Kataria.
She worked as a speech therapist in a multidisciplinary team at a rehabilitation center in Cagliari. She have been involved in voluntary work for a long time with educational and entertainment tasks for children and teenagers.
She is a founding member of the MaeStr’Ale Social Promotion Association, she currently holds the position of President.

Antonio Mastidoro

He is a researcher and a Holistic Facilitator, Master Practitioner, Coach and Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified by dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of PNL, and The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as well as Omega Master Top Coach and Christallin Therapist certified by Dr. Roy Martina. Further training: PSY – I.T. with Prof. Albert Ignatenko, Hypnosis with the National Guild of Hypnotist™ (NGH), Numerology, development of intuitive potential (Intuition Training, Silva Mind Control and Ultramind ESP System™), PSYCH-K®, Quanti-Ka and energy techniques (AGER, E.F.T., Logosynthesis, P.E.T., Reiki, S.E.T., T.A.T., T.E.V.), Inca Spiritual Tradition, Radiesthesia and Radionics, habitat energies, learning and speed reading. He is qualified to use the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and is Laughter Yoga Leader and Certified Teacher by Dr. Madam Kataria.

Antonio has extensive experience in management, sales training, sport and politics. He worked in managements roles in corporate, sport, political regionale and natioanl institutions.

Massimo Bongini

Nature & Hiking Guide, works in Sardinia with the “In-Itinere” project proposing, in addition to traditional naturalistic excursions, itineraries and experiences with practices and activities for a sensitive approach to nature, places and archaeological sites (www.facebook.com/initinerepercorsi).

He is Aetere’s consultant and works according to the B.R.A. methodology. (Biocompatibility and Environmental Reharmonization) for the remediation of energy disturbances in the habitat (www.aeteres.com). He built and managed one of the historic Italian “bio-eco natural centers” in Rome for thirty years, dealing in particular with the care of the natural home, green building, green furnishings and consultancy. He has curated and followed as organizer and teacher cultural, educational, informative and experiential initiatives on topics related to natural nutrition, ecology, inner research, holistic disciplines, geobiology, dowsing, shamanism, Andean and Etruscan tradition, overtone singing, sacred sword and western meditation .

He has followed for many years the Red Way, the spiritual path of the Lakota Native Americans, for many years. He has lived in Cagliari since 2013 where he also conducts seminars and workshops on these topics, especially in collaboration with the MaeStr’Ale Social Promotion Association (www.maestr-ale.org). He practices the total relaxing aromatherapy massage according to the protocol of the Chakra Rebalancing System of Fiore d’Oriente (www.fioredoriente.com). He was born in Florence in 1960.

Giancarlo Serra

Giancarlo is a Reiki Master/Teacher of the Western Lineage of Reiki, as well as a Gokuikaiden (Reiki Master) of the Japanese Lineage. He is an accredited Spiritual Healer and a Past Life and Regression Therapist. Read more.