How To Practice The Mental/Emotional Reiki Treatment
How To Practice The Mental/Emotional Reiki Treatment

1. Before starting the treatment, ensure that both you and the client are comfortable, and then ask the client to relax and close their eyes.

2. Ground yourself.

3. Sit quietly with your hands one on top of the other on your heart chakra. Give Reiki to yourself for a few moments, breathing deeply and evenly to centre yourself.

Then draw the Power Symbol in front of you from the top of your head down to spiral over your solar plexus so as to clear, protect and empower you, silently sating the Power Symbol’s sacred mantra three times.

4. Draw the Power Symbol on each of your palms, silently saying the sacred mantra three times.

– Use the Beaming Reiki Technique.

– Scan the client, noting any particular areas which may require additional attention.

5. When you are ready to begin the treatment, sit down next to the client and gently slide your non-dominant hand, palm upwards underneath their head – it is ok to ask them to lift their head slightly to do this.

6. With your dominant hand begin by drawing the Distant Symbol beside the client’s crown chakra, 2-4 inches away from their head. Silently say its sacred mantra three times, say the client’s name three times, and that establishes the link between you, Reiki and the client.

7. Then draw the Harmony Symbol beside the client’s crown chakra, silently saying its sacred mantra three times and the client’s name three times. This opens up the client’s energy field and sub-conscious mind to receive all the benefits of the healing.

8. Draw the Power Symbol beside the client’s crown chakra, silently saying its sacred mantra three times. Imagine each symbol going though the crown, brow and throat chakras and into the heart and think, believe and intend that this Reiki energy is channelled with love and light for the highest and greatest good.

9. Place your dominant hand on the client’s head over their crown chakra.

10. Now, with your inner eye, visualise Reiki as soft white light flowing out of the palm of your dominant hand until it is filling the client’s head, then see it or sense it swirling slowing down through the whole of the body – into the neck and shoulders, down each arm, into the chest, waist and abdomen, into the hips and legs, right down to the toes.

When you can visualise the client’s body completely filled with soft white light, leave the white light filling the whole body, and slowly turn your attention back to the client’s head.

11. Now imagine that Reiki, as a rainbow of coloured light, is lowly flowing out of the palm of your hand until it fills your client’s head. Slowly take this rainbow of coloured light through their whole body right down to their fingers and toes, and then leaving the rainbow light filling the whole body, allow your visioning to come back once more to the head.

12. Now visualise Reiki as brilliant, sparkling white light flowing out of your palm, becoming brighter and brighter, and imagine the whole of your client’s head and body, until every part is completely filled with brilliant, sparkling white light.

13. As soon as the client’s body is filled with this brilliant white light, imagine that light spreading out of the client’s body to fill the whole of their aura.

Imagine it flowing into the first layer, and when that is full, see it spilling over into the second layer and then on to the third layer and then the fourth layer and the fifth layer.

Sense it spilling over into the sixth layer and then on into the seventh layer, so that the whole of the client’s aura is filled with shimmering, sparkling white light.

14. Next, imagine that brilliant white light expanding still further, until it flows out beyond the client’s aura, swirling upwards and outwards until it fills the whole room with Reiki as sparkling white light.

15. Now visualise a strand of Reiki as brilliant white light, coming up out of the client’s solar plexus chakra or hear chakra (or both), and in your imagination take that strand of brilliant white light, still connect to your client’s body, and let it lengthen until it goes through the ceiling, and then stretches up above the building, right up into the sky, and then higher and higher, through the clouds and up into the atmosphere, until it reaches the very edge of the Earth’s atmosphere.

16. Now pause for a moment, and let that strand of Reiki white light gradually expand outwards, see it growing and spreading out across and around the whole world, sense it meeting up with other strands of Reiki light until the whole world is covered in a fine mesh of Reiki, holding the Earth in a web of healing.

17. Then take your attention back to that narrow beam of Reiki light, and let it flow up beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, further and further through space, past the stars, heading towards the centre of the Universe, towards the Light, the Source, the All That Is.

Feel it connect with the ultimate source of love and light and healing, and sense some of that love and light and healing flowing back down that strand of Reiki light. This ultimate love and healing may appear as golden light, or as any other colour, but gradually it flows down the strand of Reiki light, back through space, back through the Earth’s atmosphere, back down the sky, through the roof and the ceiling and into the client’s body.

Visualise that love, light and deep healing flooding throughout the client’s body, until every part is completely filled with this beautiful, loving energy.

18. When you intuitively sense that this process is complete, slowly take your attention back up to the connect of the strand of Reiki light with the Source, and with a sense of gratitude and respect, gently detach the strand and begin to bring that narrow beam of Reiki back down through space, through the Earth’s atmosphere, through the ceiling, until it is once more inside the client.

19. Now seal in this special healing by imaging a Power Symbol being drawn over the solar plexus chakra and/or the heart chakra, saying its sacred mantra silently three times, and intending that this unconditional love and deep healing be sealed into the client’s body.

20. Finally, draw the Power Symbol once more beside the client’s crown chakra, and silently its sacred mantra three times, with the intention of closing the client’s chakras and ending this part of the treatment.

Closing this part of the treatment properly is very important. It seals in the Reiki and closes the crown chakra, which allows you to relax a little and return to a more normal level of concentration.

You might like to end with a little blessing of your own, such as ‘I seal this treatment with love and light, and wish you joy, insight and healing through Reiki.’

21. You can now begin a standard Reiki treatment. Since one hand is already underneath the client’s head, it makes sense to start with what is normally hand position 3, so very gently slide the other hand underneath the client’s head until both hands are next to each other.

22. Proceed with the rest of the hand positions, spending about two and a half to three minutes on each one. Arms and legs probably “need” about 30 seconds. You may find it useful to use the Power Symbol over any areas that need special attention. You may not need to turn the client over for the four back positions.

23. End the full treatment by sealing the client’s whole energy field; do this by drawing a large Power Symbol over the whole body and saying the mantra three times, intending to seal in the Reiki healing.

24. Ground the client thoroughly.

25. Then remove your hands from the recipient and place them at mid-chest height in the Gassho (prayer) position and mentally give thanks to Reiki, bowing slightly as a mark of respect.

Source: Reiki for Life

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