's Handbook Lesson 1

These series of posts on my blog must be read in conjunction with the original information and audios resulted from the channelling of Dr Lee Carroll. They are not meant to replace or summarise his work. They provide a written account of my own thoughts and reflections on this information which I found extremely useful and beneficial in my healing work as well as in my personal life.

The Lightworker’s Handbook Lesson 1


This live channelling was Given at Delphi University and Spiritual Center – The Temple of Wisdom McCaysville, Georgia, July 7, 2007.

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Key Points for Healers

Truth – The Basis for Belief and Action

Here is the definition of truth: It is when a Human Being marries his heart to the passion of God and creates discovery. It is an acknowledgment of a personal search, if you wish, without knowing anything more. It is a willingness, with free choice, to find out about God inside.

Therefore, your truth is what you are doing when you follow your passion to create manifestation in your life.

The heart is the bridge between the Spiritual and the Earth. The healer brings together, through his heart center, the energies of the Earth and the healing vibrations. The Japanese kanji for Reiki is shown below. It is written with 2 Japanese kanji (kanji means Chinese characters). These kanji mean “spiritual energy”. The top kanji is rei – (lit. Japanese) spiritual or sacred; The bottom kanji is ki – (lit. Japanese) energy.

This kanji brings together the symbolism of Heaven, Earth and Man. The kanji for Rei, the rain symbolises life-giving energy from heaven in the form of water, collected in the three containers or mouths where it can directly revitalise mind, body and spirit. The healer acts as an intermediary between heaven above and the earth below, where the energy-giving rice grows and provides mankind with sustenance and energy from the earth.

There are many truths

“You’re looking for what you are here for, and the premise is that the search will reveal to you not only your own path, but also that you are part of a grand system. It’s an interdimensional system of how things work and is intuitive and shared by others all over the world. It’s innate, meaning “built into the cells of humanity. It is magnificent and will also reveal God inside to the extent that you can become your own prophet, your own master, revealing divinity within your own eternal existence.”

It is not important to have all the answers. What is important is to have a strong desire in your heart to find out about yourself, find out who you really are, why you came here to live in this particular moment in time and how you can contribute to the evolution of humanity.

Do not be critical on yourselves if you do not then follow what you are told by another Human Being or organization, by what they think is appropriate spiritually. For their truth is different than yours. Their search for God is different than yours. Blessed is the Human Being who searches for God in any way at all! Blessed is the Human who sits, ready to go, and who says, “God, tell me what it is I need to know. I want to chip away at the wall, the duality between 3D and multiple-D. I want to chip away at the wall to find my own magnificence. I know it’s there. I can feel it. Show me the path to my own revelation.”

Many people right now feel that they do not belong to this world, they do not fit within the traditional structures such as religion, science, economy, healthcare, environment. We do not trust authorities and people in power. any of us feel the need to find our own path. Kryon here also suggests that in order to find “our own magnificence” we should surrender and trust that will be revelated to us.

When a Human Being is following his truth, it’s his passion for God he is discovering. It’s a path for his own personal discovery to find God in his life. That’s truth. It’s diverse since there are so many individual paths for Humans. Each Human Being is spiritually unique. One is working on abundance issues, one is working on health issues, one is working on self-worth issues, and one is battling fear. Many of these paths are a result of the past experiences of Humans on Earth in different expressions [past lives], creating the vast differences of personalities at birth – their strengths and challenges, their many phobias, and their gifts. Do you see how you cannot create a spiritual box and ask everyone to get in?

We are invited to connect to our own truth, because we are all unique. What we carry with us from past lives and other karmic issues, defines our path and the lessons we are here to learn.

The Harmonic Convergence

In 1987, an event occurred that was unique in your history. It was called “The Harmonic Convergence,” and also later called the “11:11.” What was unique was esoteric: The earth had reached a vibratory rate of spiritual neutrality where the future could go either way. It could be pulled to a high level, an interdimensional level, or wallow in the old prophesies of doom and Armageddon. Out of your linear time, and hard for you to understand, all of the Higher-Selves involved in the system of Earth were polled. All the Human Beings that have ever been on the planet, are on the planet, and potentially will be on the planet, were asked this question: “Do you want to go through with the old energy prophecy, the potentials of the old, or do you wish to move into the new energy that the ancients told you was coming? [Mayans and 2012] It is an energy that is not in your current prophesy, something that will create peace on Earth, something that will create work for the Lemurians who are here and the old souls who are here. It will create spiritual Lighthouses who will awaken in large number. What is your choice? And the answer was, “We want to go forward.”

We now live in a totally difference energy because of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, which was followed by the Harmonic Concordance in following years. This new energy is bringing forward new opportunities and tools for healers, we are re-discovering ancient healing practices and approaches and we are also able to channell higher energy vibrations.

The Changing System of Karma

In 1989, I began telling you that in this new energy you had the opportunity if not the demand to get out of karma and get on the road of your own choice. For as an old soul, one with magnificence inside, you have the ability to get out of the groove. You can take that old karma and place it aside and replace it with something far higher in energy… an energy with intended spiritual direction for you and the planet. You would say, “I wish to make my own creation, my own reality, and not the old set up of karma I came in with.” Have you heard the phrase, “creating your own reality”? This is what it means. And the Harmonic Convergence gave you that power.

“You implant yourself with passion and truth and you move forward, out of karma and instead into a place where you have choice of the energy you create through pure intent.”

So for the beginner, we say that you can move aside the karma you were born with, and start creating your own reality. This is the new gift in this energy. It allows you to move into the consciousness of a new kind of Human Being who chooses their own destiny. Some call it ascension status, a move into an energy of creation itself.

The old paradigm has you doing something physical in order to manifest something spiritual. It’s been in your history and it’s part of your mythology, but that’s not the way it works in this new energy.

Intent is everything that is needed. Intent moves energy.

Is it possible that there’s more than you were told going on? What does your intuition tell you about your own purpose at this time? The Harmonic Convergence did a whole lot more than just shift the energy of the planet. It gave you permission for an enlightened state, and now here you are.

The Return of the Masters of Earth

There are those who teach that the masters are going to return to the planet someday, and many religions of Earth claim this. Some look to the skies and they say, “It’s coming, it’s coming… a time when the masters are coming back to save us.” They pin all of their hopes and their desires on this and they sing songs and they hold services and they expect them to come back. Here is what I’m going to tell you: The Humans who do that do not understand, do not see the reality of what has occurred. For the masters have all returned and they sit upon this very place!

Wherever you are, they are here. They are part of the structure of a new magnetic grid, and they are here in spirit, not in body. They are here to enter you if you wish, in a way that will create healing and manifestation and solutions in your body. Darkness will run from the light when you decide to open the door and let it in. That’s the way God uses men and women on this planet. So if you’re new and you’re looking at this, I am telling you that the masters showed you what is now possible. The Harmonic Convergence is what allowed this to be, and your choice as a Human Being is to look into this or not.


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