Meet Your Reiki Guide Meditation
Reiki Guides

In the post “How To Give A Reiki Treatment” we spoke about connecting and saying a prayer and/or call upon the assistance of Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, Hawayo Takata and other high level Reiki guides to help making this treatment a success for the receiver’s highest good.

Guides can be seen as the many personifications (or expressions) of the infinite resources of consciousness (Rei). These personifications help us to identify with the qualities or resources that they represent: qualities such as wisdom, infinite knowledge and power, Love and Light, forgiveness, courage and many more. They remind us of the fact that we have these qualities in abundance that we can express them if we choose.

A (spirit) guide may also be considered to describe a discarnate being that acts as a spiritual counsellor, guide or healer for a living human. That discarnate being may be an Angel, an Ancestor, a spirit animal, a nature spirit or however you choose to view them. We all have guides in our lives to some degree; some people choose to consciously work with them and of course we have them when we work with Reiki and we can again choose to work with them.

Reiki guides have probably been working with you in some way since you did your Reiki 1. You may have heard comments from people that you have worked with like “I thought your hands were still on my ankles” or “it felt as though your hands were on my solar plexus but when I opened my eyes you were at my head”.

Perhaps you have found yourself drawn to work on the left hip of your client for no particular reason, or think of send a certain colour for the client for no particular reason. This doesn’t in any way reduce your own abilities to channel Reiki, or diminish your role in the process; it does however mean you have a bit of help with your healings.  

Even if you have no experience of working with or any knowledge of Guides, it’s good to have an open mind about the possibility. After all, extra hands or help has got to be good. What I would say is let go of any expectation about what form the Guide will take; some people see them, some people hear them, some people feel, some people just know they are there. There is no right way or better way. Just go with the experience. Whatever happens, always remember to thank them for their help afterwards: “Gratitude is the best attitude”.  

You’re free to call upon any Guides (or personifications) that are meaningful to you and essentially once you ask with an open heart and mind, then the help will be there. You are unlimited in the number of guides that you can choose to work with and the variety.

The options are endless: the Reiki Guides, the Angels and Archangels, the Ascended Masters, the saints, teachers and healers of many different traditions, nature spirits (fairies, elementals etc.) and animal guides, the Gods and Goddesses of all traditions, the ancestors, the celestial bodies of the planet, guides and spirits related to certain activities etc.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. In essence, they are all expressions of the qualities of Universal Consciousness (Rei).

In her book “Essential Reiki ”, Diane Stein refers to what she called the Reiki guides as spiritual beings who are there to help every time a Reiki healing or attunement takes place. They even energetically complete the Reiki symbols, if any parts were missed out (but Diane Stein stressed that they would not make up for any sloppiness on the part of the master), and they connect every variation of a symbol with the source (Rei) to restore its original power.

Meditation To Connect With Your Reiki Guide

The following is a short meditation to connect with your Reiki Guide which has been adapted from “The Reiki Sourcebook”.

– Sit down quietly and comfortably and close your eyes.

– Just concentrate on your breathing for a minute or so. You don’t have to change your breathing; just observe it.

– Imagine that you are breathing in relaxation and breathing out peace, and imagine that with every inhalation you are becoming more and more relaxed and with every exhalation you are becoming more and more peaceful. Just intend that your body and your mind relax and become more peaceful.

– Draw the Power symbol in your mind; asking that it protect you in every dimension and direction and fill your aura with Reiki and white Light.

– Affirm your intention that you are ready “to meet the Highest Level Reiki Guide (or Angel, Master etc.)” that is available for you at this moment in time.

– Invoke the presence of the Guide, Angel, Master, etc. in your aura. Be open to whatever way they may appear to you; by sight, sound, feeling or knowing.

– Ask them “if they are of the Light” – three times – if they say yes then proceed. If not, then ask them to leave and call in another Guide, affirming in your intention that they are a High Level Guide. Repeat the process (ask three time etc.).

– If you feel comfortable, then ask them to come closer to you.

– Allow the “picture” of your Guide to become clearer, whether that is a feeling, seeing, hearing, knowing or even smelling picture.

– Ask your guide some simple questions, such as: What is your name?

– Ask them more about their appearance.

– Ask them how they help you with your Reiki (or other aspects of your life)?

– Ask them if they have any messages for you – maybe how to improve the connection with them, or how you can work better together?

– Ask them how you will recognise them in the future?

– Ask any remaining questions you may have.

– Thank them for their presence and help.

– Ask them to leave you now, until the next time. 

– Focus once again on your breathing – just observing the breath and not changing it.

– Come back fully into your body and feel your feet on the ground.  

– Reorientate and ground yourself properly.

When connecting with Guides, remember that you can ask for the Highest Level Guide available. A Guide will not give you instructions (because this interferes with your free will), however they may well give you suggestions. It doesn’t matter who you connect with, so long as they are of the Light. And remember, you can always connect with the Reiki Guides and Masters.

Giancarlo Serra works as a Complementary Health Practitioner – Reiki and Healing. He offers 1-2-1 consultations and Reiki training, both in person and online.