past life transformation
This workshop is taking place in-person at our college in London

Who were you in a past life? And how does that affect you in this lifetime? Find out, and start to release long-held blocks from previous incarnations, in this in-person workshop.

Our past lives deeply influence our current incarnation. Experiences from past lives can show up in this lifetime as physical symptoms, fears, phobias and harmful patterns. These can be a complete mystery to us. We may have no idea why we carry them. This in-person workshop invites you to look to your past lives to seek and transform the root causes of current issues.

Through past life transformation in this workshop at the College, we traverse timelines and access memories from previous incarnations. Using guided meditations, we consider our current life through the lens of our past lives. Through this process, we can gain greater insight into the challenges we now face, and into who we really are. This can be a powerful tool for personal growth as you may discover interests that you’ve never considered in this lifetime.

Come along to the College for this experiential workshop that includes guided visualisations along with fun, psychic exercises, discussion and sharing.

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Past Life Transformation | College of Psychic Studies

Previous participants say:

“Giancarlo Serra was very knowledgeable and it was a pleasure to learn from him.”

“Very nice presentation from Giancarlo Serra. Everyone was made to feel welcome.”

“Giancarlo is a great teacher and imparts his knowledge warmly but thoroughly. I am grateful for how he was sure to monitor all chat questions and address them”

“Giancarlo was a lovely host – very relaxed, experienced, knowledgeable and able to convey a lot in the time available. Felt you could really trust him. I would definitely be very happy to attend more of his stuff.”

“Giancarlo is a very thorough and patient teacher. This class was very informative and taught me alot of things I was not aware of before. I will definitely use this new knowledge in my healing practice as a Reiki Master.”