Removing All Friction From Life
Removing All Friction From Life

“The Alchemist also pointed out that the beginning of the alchemical experiment was of course to remove all friction from life. By friction we mean wear and tear.

Now what is wear and tear, well to most people wear and tear is doing the things they have to do and have no particular interest in doing.

Wear and tear are also a result of lack of control of the mental, emotional, and physical activities of the individual.

All these activities use energy; a large part of the energy we use today we waste, we are not conserving it, we are not taking care of this mysterious vitality that comes to us. We are allowing it to be expended in all kinds of useless ways.

Of course, we have to make physical adjustments for employment and things of this nature, but at the same time it isn’t the work necessarily that is the greatest cause of problem.

It is the attitude toward the work. It is the lack of enthusiasm, the lack of recognition of significance of the things that we do that depresses.

Then emotional relationships out of hand can become a terrible enemy to vitality. Worries, fear, anxiety, all of these use a part of this alchemical nutrition that is constantly being made within ourselves.

If we waste it, we can no longer have it; if we use it unwisely, it is dissipated. And gradually, to keep on with the artificial attitudes that we have, we undermine the necessary functions of the body.

Therefore, the Alchemist first of all declared that the master of all arts was God. The deity was in a sense the extra personal perfect Alchemist, because in deity all things continue according to the divine will.

How this operates man does not know exactly, but he does recognise if he is mystically inclined that there is  an eternal background of eternal wisdom behind the things that happen in nature and so deity becomes the perfect force behind generation and regeneration.

The deity brings forth the seed, the plant, the flower, and the fruit. And then that seed becomes the next generation of the same. In alchemy these seeds are called the tears of God because they are the weepings which produce light everywhere.”

Spiritual Alchemy and the Great Work – Manly P. Hall Lecture

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