Spiritual Coaching


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Spiritual Coaching

– 1-hour session on Zoom –

Spiritual coaching is a holistic, intuitive, and spiritual approach to counselling rather than a purely psychological one. It brings a deep understanding at the Soul level.  It is a way to combine healing techniques with talking, listening and therapeutic interventions. This therapeutic approach integrates the psychological approach and holistic energy techniques, enriching the traditional talking therapies by including an energetic and spiritual perspective.

Spiritual coaching allows you to address the needs of your body, mind, heart, and spirit. It works with the whole being and is designed to connect you with your own inner knowing and the wisdom of their soul. It enables you to heal your everyday issues and to reconnect with your true self.

Sessions may involve guided relaxation and breathing exercises, energetic balancing, inner child and past life work, guided visualisation exercises and spiritual healing.

Usually twelve-fifteen 1-hour sessions are recommended.