What message is my father bringing me?
What message is my father bringing me?

[… ] four or five days ago I told this person that the problem was not my father, meaning that the problem was something else, and then after four or five days my father was admitted to hospital.

True Self

For you to understand the answer, you need to move to where the cause – effect does not exist. Therefore, if you look at the story through your human-being eyes, you’ll end up looking for a cause to anything that happens. In Reality what happened is a communication for you that pertains to your Orientation to Life, which is shown to you by your father. The orientation is noy intended to be your father as a physical person, but everything about your father shows you about your Orientation to Life.

Therefore, in this part of your Journey in your Orientation to Life, referred to those days when it happened, your Orientation to Life was (and still is, in part) dysfunctional in the sense that it is misled with respect to your Path of Expansion. This is not to say that it is wrong, but you are treading a Path by orienting yourself dysfunctionally with respect to your highest manifestation. This is shown to you by your father. In your conversation you said the truth: the problem is not your father; the problem in Reality, if you want to call it that, is that you have momentarily lost your Orientation.

Excerpt from a Channeling session from the Source

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You are a Divine being having a human experience. When you forget this, or when you know it as a mental concept, but you are not living your life in accordance with this truth, your non-incarnated aspect (You) is going to communicate with you (incarnated aspect) that you are ‘off-track’, and that you are not honouring your Divine aspect.

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