How can I help my mother?
How can I help my mother?

Can you tell me how I could help my mother going through her illness?

True Self

To answer your question you must observe Life through the eyes of the Absolute.

Therefore, in Reality all is One; since you exist You are Oneness and therefore all that appears other than you is always You since all is One. So since all is One, in the Infinite Possibilities everything already exists in every outcome and version and in your reality reality, you intercept the version of people, things, events, events and situations thaat is consistent with the frequency that vibrates within you.

So in this phase of your Journey you intercept the version of your mother who unknowingly brings you communications related to your Journey of Expansion, and in the perfection of Synchronicity this also happens in reverse, because everything I said to you about being Oneness also applies to your mother and to any other human being who is having an human experience.

Since all is One, You are the Divine Being who is having a human experience just like everyone you meet. And at the same time, everyone you meet is a manifestation of what vibrates within you. The human mind cannot understand because everything is sequenced and everything responds to rules of space – time, but in Reality so it is.

Excerpt from a Channeling session

Ask Any Questions to Your True Self

You are a Divine being having a human experience. When you forget this, or when you know it as a mental concept, but you are not living your life in accordance with this truth, your non-incarnated aspect (You) is going to communicate with you (incarnated aspect) that you are ‘off-track’, and that you are not honouring your Divine aspect.

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