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The End/Beginning Party – 30 September 2023, Poetto Beach, Cagliari

The sunset … the full moon rising …

beginning in the light, then comes the darkness …

the sky, the beach and the sea that seem to merge into one another …

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What Do you Want to do With your life?
What Do You Want To Do With Your Life? Presentation Of The 2023/2024 Programme

There are many ways to live your life: there is no right or wrong. The way you choose to live it’s one of the infinite possible ways that enables you to practice the only reason you are alive: to experience Who You Reall Are.

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Ackowledge your DIvinity
Acknowledge Your Divinity

The Language of Evidence We are two-dimensional beings: we have a dense dimension – made of a physical body, an emotional body and a mental body – and a Subtle dimension. The dense dimension creates through thought and emotions – words – and the actions that we take as a…

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Home According To The Language Of Evidence
Home According To The Language Of Evidence

The house is the symbol of the center of human existence. In Buddhism, the human body is itself assimilated to a house.

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my father died 20 years ago
My Father Died 20 Years Ago. Is He Happy Now?

My father died 20 years ago. Can you tell me more about him, is he happy now?

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Pain and True Self
Is My True Self Communicating With Me Through Pain?

Why did I get this problem, this pain? Now I find myself with this pain that I don’t know what could be causing it.

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live your life knowing who you are
Live Your Life Knowing Who You Are

I am aware that there is nothing attacking me, but my body is in this continuous loop. Therefore I wonder “what can I do as a next step to let go of everything?”

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my knees feel cold
My Knees Feel Really Cold And Hurt. What’s The Message?

My knees feel really cold and hurt. I have been experiencing these symthoms for some time now. What’s the message for me?

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Why Do I Keep Gaining Weight
Why Do I Keep Gaining Weight?

Why Do I Keep Gaining Weight? What is the message and communication that I need to understand in this situation?

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DId I choose my family
Did I Choose My Family Before Incarnating On Earth?

It is true that I have chosen my family? Is it part of my Path to heal my family’s wounds, of my original family (father, mother, etc.)?

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