is my partner my true soul mate
Is my partner my true soulmate?


Is the woman I’m currently with my Soul Mate?

True Self

Much has been said about Soul Mates in the age that you are aware of. However, there are Truths that you need to comprehend (that is, “take with you”) to be able to decode the message that this brings you, because otherwise there will be many misunderstandings about Soul Mates.

So, if for you is clear to you that All is One, it will also clear to you that the woman at your side is your own manifestation. Therefore, in the Infinite Possibilities you intercept the version of your partner that is consistent with what vibrates within you, so the individualisation of the All that takes a form, has a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body, a causal body, an intuitive body, a spiritual body, a Divine body.

When two individualised forms vibrate at the same frequency, they recognise each other as Soul Mates. However, to remain in that vibratory frequency and to keep walking in a Journey of Expansion remains is due to free will. Therefore you and your companion have recognised each other, you vibrate at the same frequency at Soul level, yet programs, beliefs, convictions and agreements are different, for different is the earthly experience that the All is accomplishing simultaneously through you and through your companion.

You know what I mean?



True Self

Therefore, your Journey is to remain on the same frequency. For you to understand what has been said about Soul Mates, Twin Flame, Companion Souls is Real in part, but part it is not real; since by labelling them as Souls Mates, Twin Flames, Twin Flame Souls ones loses sight of Oneness, therefore keeping oneself in a vision of separation. But you, like every other human being, are having a human experience in order to to go beyond the illusion of separation and return to Oneness. Therefore, to become aware of the Fundamental Vibration that unites two individualised forms to walk the Path together is meant to help Souls returning to Oneness together, and not to remain separate.

Excerpt from a Channeling session

Ask Any Questions to Your True Self

You are a Divine being having a human experience. When you forget this, or when you know it as a mental concept, but you are not living your life in accordance with this truth, your non-incarnated aspect (You) is going to communicate with you (incarnated aspect) that you are ‘off-track’, and that you are not honouring your Divine aspect.

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