The End/ Beginning Party

30 SEPTEMBER 2023 @ 4.30 PM

Poetto Beach, Cagliari, Italy

The sunset … the full moon rising …

beginning in the light, then comes the darkness …

the sky, the beach and the sea that seem to merge into one another …

and the fire in the air … the water in the air … the air in the fire and the water …

Our journey in this dimension is a continuum, a flow perceived by us in various phases. But in Reality, the end of one phase is also the beginning of a new one, without interruption or separation.

Even the end of this year’s programme is, in Reality, the beginning of a year’s programme, since the Path of our Community is a continuum that goes through distinct but not separate phases.

So let’s celebrate the end and the beginning together by acknowledging the continuity of the flow of Life that does not stop but carries on: the new phase that gathers momentum from the previous phase and with new energy.

This will be an evening of games and joyous playing, with the sun setting … the moon rising … beginning with light, and then the darkness … the sky, the beach and the sea that seem to end and begin into one other … and everything will happen around fire … air … water … Life…

Our Life that appears to end

and it never ends


4.30 PM – Gathering

5:00 PM – Introduction to the evening and game

8:00 PM – End of the gathering … maybe!


Further information:

  • Open to members and non-members
  • Wear appropriate clothing to play on the beach
  • Bring beach towels with you

How to book:
Please book your place by filling this online form:


Contact details: MaeStr’Ale Via San Lucifero 65, Cagliari 09125
Web: www.maestr-ale.org
Phone: 070 6400725
Mobile: +39 3469553823