What's blocking my romantic relationships?
What’s blocking my romantic relationships?


What is blocking my romantic relationships? I feel like I have a block.

True Self

Everything that happens in life is a communication for you that is functional to your Journey of Expansion that you have come to accomplish in this physical reality. So what you perceive as a block is a message that tells you of the blockage you have at this stage of your Path in relation to your Attitude to Life. It is an invitation for you to pay loving attention to the way you approach Life itself, for although your life choices have led you to take care of and to open yourself to the Intangible, in your Attitude you become involved, or better carried by convictions and beliefs that keep you in the cause – effect.

So at this stage, your Attitude keeps you somehow as a victim of what you see as something else, whether this ‘something else’ are people, events or situations that you are experiencing. But because you don’t recognise this Attitude within yourself, this is manifested in blocks in finding a partner.

Is that clear to you?


Not really …

True Self

So that you understand: every situation, person, event, everything that presents itself to your sense organs in life, speaks to you of an aspect that is within you. Relationships tell you about how you take one attitude over another. So the block that you feel within yourself with respect to romantic relationships with a partner, speaks to you of a block in the phase that you are experiencing related to your Attitude to Life that you do not recognise in yourself. So you have an Attitude to Life, but you don’t recognise it, you don’t know what it is.

Excerpt from a Channeling session

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You are a Divine being having a human experience. When you forget this, or when you know it as a mental concept, but you are not living your life in accordance with this truth, your non-incarnated aspect (You) is going to communicate with you (incarnated aspect) that you are ‘off-track’, and that you are not honouring your Divine aspect.

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