basics of reiki sessions

Reiki-ho (“Reiki” In English) is a traditional Japanese way of using Ki for hands-on healing of the body and mind, the same way as other hand healings that have existed from ancient times. It was originally established as “Usui Reiki Ryoho” by Mikao Usui (1865 – 1926) in 1922 as “the way to make mind and body healthy on the basis of the Universal Reiki“.

Usui Sensei’s teaching was that the purpose of life is to achieve a peaceful mind state and then while holding that peace within, fulfil our destined missions. Usui said “Everything that exists in the Universe possesses Reiki“.

The Universal energy exists in everything; it is the life energy inside the human body that gives us natural healing ability and the power to live in health and wholeness. The life energy is known by a variety of names such as aura, Ki, vitality, Reiki, Reishi, life magnetism, prana, Chi, body radioactivity and so on.


Healing is to return to original, healthy state. It is to restore radiance of life. You give Reiki to yourself to promote health and peaceful mind.

You give Reiki to others to prompt their awareness and healing from within. Giving Reiki to others also help promote health and peaceful mind for yourself.

The emphasis of Gendai Reiki Ho is to improve your spiritual life, as well as your health. It is to improve consciousness by enhancing resonance with Reiki in the universe.

There are three simple rules on practicing Reiki:

Transparent: there must be no secrets, no mysticism, no miraculous claims made by the practitioner.

Practical: effective and practical techniques to enhance resonance with Reiki.

Simple: a simple technique to use every day.

When we talk about healing, we refer to spiritual healing and not necessarily curing the physical body. The soul incarnates in different dense and subtle bodies, healing is in relation to all the bodies, not just the physical.

The physical body is the densest of all, and it the time/space construct of our reality usually takes time for ‘results’ to manifest in the physical body. What we call miracles ‘erase time’ and therefore we have instantaneous cure of the physical body.

Negative energy?

We know that the nature of our universe is vibratory. The whole universe is made of energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Therefore is not accurate to think that there is an ‘energy‘ that comes from somewhere else, and we give it or receive it. It may seems that this happens on the physical place, where the illusion of separation is obvious.

However, as we move through the different planes, separation becomes less obvious and what because obvious is that All is One, there is no separation.

Therefore we need to be careful when we talk about ‘giving’ or ‘taking’ negative energy from other people. This does not make sense if we look at things at the subtle level.

Make Reiki Simple

The practice of Reiki is actually very simple, but in the West we made it a very difficult and complex practice. Which in facts, works against the energy.

Reiki requires no thoughts or particular intention. The only intention is to make ourselves available for the energy to flow.

On the physical level the physical body is dense, so it may seem that the energy is ‘coming from somewhere’ and flowing through our body. We often say that we are ‘channels’ or ‘conduits’ of the energy.

However on the subtle level, there is no energy ‘out there’ – we are energy and we are part of the flow of energy. It is our consciousness that seems to move the energy, and we use our intention to do so. Our brain creates the illusion of separation.

We do not want to control the outcome. We need to be neutral, no thoughts and no attachment to results. Reiki is a spiritual and intelligent consciousness, and ‘knows’ exactly what to do.

When we give Reiki to someone else, both practitioner and recipient are healed by the Reiki energy.

Do now seek an ability to feel or to sense. This is an attachment, a desire to have the five senses acknowledging what is happening. We do not need the sense to confirm that ‘it is working’. We just need to trust that the energy is always flowing, whether we feel it or not.

It is important to make self-healing a daily habit, as this helps us align with the Reiki.

When we give a Reiki treatment, because of the Resonance of vibration, the same vibrations resonate with each other even at distance. Different vibrations resonate with each other in the same space.

Reiki healing sessions reactivate and heighten one’s life force and natural healing ability.

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