The Human Energy Field
The Human Energy Field

The Human Energy Field is a matrix of subtle energy fields or patterns that surround and penetrate the physical body. These fields define the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical makeup of an individual, contain the blueprints for the physical body and tell the important bits of it how to function. They also contain the blueprints for our emotional and mental energy as well as higher levels of consciousness.

An illness will originate in the human energy field before manifesting in the physical body and thus those working with Reiki or healing are able to work with preventing as well as curing ailments in the human body. As Reiki energy has its own Higher Intelligence, it automatically works on these higher levels and this is why Reiki is able to heal on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being.

The human energy field comprises the aura, the chakras and the meridians.

The Aura

The aura is a beautiful field of ever changing energy patterns that completely surrounds all living things. The aura is composed of several layers with the denser layers of energy being closest to the human body and the finer and higher vibrations furthest from the physical body.

The aura is created by all of your thoughts and feelings, conscious and unconscious as well as the energies flowing through the physical body. Your state of health is reflected in the aura as well as affected by the condition of the aura and, in fact, many feel that the original cause of both illnesses and health is in the aura.

Highly sensitive clairvoyants can see or be aware of the aura in great detail and other people can see some parts of the aura. Some scientific instruments are now able to measure and photograph aspects of the aura (if you Google Kirlian Photography you can find some interesting sites).

The four levels of the aura closest to the body are the etheric, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual layers.

The Chakras

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. It is generally agreed that there are seven major chakras in the human body and there are also more than twenty minor chakras.

The chakras are an integral part of the body’s energy system and they are transformers of subtle energy. They take the Ki that is around us and transform it into the various frequencies our subtle energy system needs to keep us healthy.

Each chakra corresponds with a layer of the aura. The lowest or root chakra brings in the lower frequencies that are needed for our physical survival and each higher chakra brings in higher energies such as those for healthy physical pleasure, expressing your will in the world, love self and others, communication and creativity, with the highest or crown chakra bringing in the spiritual levels of energy.

Chakras are closely linked to specific areas and parts of the body and to systems within the body. The locations of the seven major chakras correspond to the locations of the main glands of the endocrine system, which are responsible for regulating mood, growth, tissue function and metabolism and is pivotal to physical, emotional and mental well-being.

The chakras act like transformers and are responsible for drawing in and distributing subtle energy from the Universal supply of ki, as well as acting as exit points for unwanted energy.  

Chakras can sometimes be “blocked” which affects the flow of energy into a particular area or body system. Negative feelings or thoughts can become lodged in the chakras reducing the amount of subtle energy they are able to provide and adversely affecting one’s health.

One of the roles of a Reiki practitioner is to balance the chakras and channel Reiki thought which will facilitate self-healing the recipient. By positively affecting the chakras, you affect the flow of energy in that particular area and throughout the body and contribute to the restoration of homeostasis in the individual.

Each of the chakras is attached to the central energy channel in the spine, which is called the sushumna, and is also connected to the ida and the pingala, which are the yin and the yang energy channels which crisscross along the sushumna. The points where they cross are the locations of the seven major chakras.

During a standard Reiki standard treatment, we focus on the seven main chakras and on the chakras in the hands, the knees and the feet. 

The following is a brief introduction to the seven main chakras, together with the corresponding glands, bodily functions and the colours commonly associated with each chakra. (There are many books written about the chakras and this brief interpretation is just one opinion).

> Chakras Wheels Of Life

1. The Root Chakra
Root Chakra
Root Chakra

Vedic name: Muladhara (root of our support)

Colour: Red

Location: base of spine, perineum area

Endocrine: Adrenals

Physical: Skin, blood, bones, hips, legs, feet, lower intestine and elimination system.

Themes: Survival, home and sense of belonging, security, grounding, money, nature, Earth.

Element: Earth

Kabbalah: Malkuth

Sacrament: Baptism 

Archetype: Mother, Victim

Sacred Truth:  All is One

Colour: Red

Relates to adrenal glands, bones, intestines and physical boundaries.

This energy centre grounds us to the earth and is our connection with this planet and physical reality, and thus our physical survival here. It controls the base of the spine and the flow of physical and creative energy. 

> The Root Chakra: The Centre Of Your Personal Power

2. The Sacral Chakra
Sacral Chakra

Vedic name: Svadhisthara (your own dwelling place)  

Colour: Orange

Location: Navel  

Endocrine: Spleen 

Physical: Reproductive organs, lower back, central digestive system, kidneys.

Themes: Relationships, fertility and creativity, boundaries, abortion, sexuality, kidneys, prostrate, urinary tract.

Element: Water 

Kabbalah: Yesod

Sacrament: Communion  

Archetype: The Empress/Emperor, Martyr

Sacred Truth: Honour One Another

Relates to reproductive organs; spleen and digestion.

This chakra is the centre of our creativity and our sexuality. It is also the centre of relationships and flow or fluidity, especially to emotions.

> The Sacral Chakra: The Centre Of Creation

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra
Solar Plexus

Vedic name: Manipura (dwelling place of jewels) 

Colour: Yellow 

Location: Solar plexus  

Endocrine: Pancreas  

Physical: Digestive tract, liver, gall bladder

Themes: Personal power and self-esteem , will power, gut instinct, control.

Element: Fire  

Kabbalah: Hod, Netzach 

Sacrament: Confirmation

Archetype: Warrior, Servant

Sacred Truth: Honour Thyself

> The Solar Plexus Chakra: The Centre Of Your Relationship With Yourself

4. The Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

Vedic name: Anahata (that which is ever new)

Colour: Green sometimes pink 

Location: Centre of chest   

Endocrine: Thymus   

Physical: Heart, lungs, arms and hands, circulation, lymph system.

Themes: Unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, balance, giving and receiving, trust and faith, Jealousy, envy. 

Element: Air   

Kabbalah: Tiphareth  

Sacrament: Marriage  

Archetype: The Lover, The Actor/Actress    

Sacred Truth: Love is Divine Power 

This chakra is the link between the physical and spiritual aspects of a person, reflecting emotions and revealing how we relate to others. It relates to feelings of love, compassion, forgiveness, trust, the balance of giving and receiving and is the centre through which all healing takes place.

> The Heart Chakra: The Bridge Between Physicality And Spirituality

5. The Throat Chakra
Throat Chakra

Vedic name: Vissuhuddhi  (the purest of the pure)

Colour: Light Blue  

Location: Throat    

Endocrine: Thyroid, parathyroid   

Physical: Throat, shoulders, vocal cords 

Themes: Creativity,  speaking up, expression, communication, listening/speaking balance, will.

Element: Sound    

Kabbalah: Geburrah/Chesed 

Sacrament: Confession  

Archetype: The Communicator, The Silent Child 

Sacred Truth: Thy Will, Not My Will

This chakra is a centre of clear communication and self-expression, and from here a person can express their creativity and thus their whole being.

> Throat Chakra: The Centre Of Communication, Creativity And Self-Expression

6. The Third Eye (Ajna Chakra)
Third Eye

Vedic name: Ajna   (command)

Colour: Indigo   

Location: Forehead / medulla Oblongata at the back     

Endocrine: Pituitary    

Physical: Eyes, nose, sinuses, brain, hypothalamus.

Themes: Intuition, insight, imagination, clairvoyance, self-reflection.

Element: Thought, intention     

Kabbalah: Binah/Chokmah   

Sacrament: Ordination

Archetype: The Intuitive, The Intellectual

Sacred Truth: Seek Only the Truth

This chakra links to the pituitary gland which is the master gland of the endocrine system and closely related to the hypothalamus and thus homeostasis. It is concerned with the functioning of our emotional intelligence, creativity, intuition and inspiration and the capacity to innovate.

> Brow Chakra: The Centre Of Intellect, Reasoning And Intuition

7. The Crown Chakra
Crown Chakra

Vedic name: Sahasrara   

Colour: Violet    

Location: Top of head      

Endocrine: Pineal     

Physical: nervous system    

Themes: Enlightenment, knowledge, understanding, spirituality. 

Element: Ether      

Kabbalah: Kether   

Sacrament: Extreme Unction 

Archetype: The Guru (of Empowerment), The Egotist

Sacred Truth: Live in the Present Moment

This chakra is the entry point for the flow of Universal energy and thus Reiki too. It influences the central nervous system and is also considered to be the centre for spiritual insight, vision and intuition beyond human consciousness. The crown chakra is often described as the thousand petalled lotus.

> Crown Chakra: The Connection To Our Spiritual Nature


These are the final element of the human energy field and they are small energy pathways that carry ki around our body(so they are the energetic equivalent of veins and arteries).

The main meridians carry the energy longitudinally through our bodies, while a host of smaller meridians (or nadis) which criss cross through our bodies connecting all the parts and allowing the flow of energy.

It is on the meridians that various points are located that are used for healing benefit in other complementary therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure, EFT and reflexology as well as Chinese and Tibetan medicine. 

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