How To Navigate Reality Transurfing

“Transurfing is a powerful technique aimed at giving you the power to create aspects of your life in a way that would ordinarily seem impossible. In particular, transurfing will give you the power to control your own destiny as you see fit”.

Vadim Zeland

How To Navigate Reality Transurfing®
What Does Reality Transurfing® Mean?

Reality Transurfing® is a book written by Vadim Zeland, a quantum physicist. In Russian speaking countries, it became a bestseller and an iconic piece of esoteric philosophy. Now this book is being translated into different languages.

This book helps navigate reality from a metaphysical perspective. (Meta: things we do not see with the eye).

It’s a philosophy. It’s a way of seeing the world. More so than just the Law of Attraction, it’s more of a philosophy, a way for seeing the world that changes everything.

It explains and it combines the eastern philosophy of letting go with that of the law of attraction. It combines understanding of social conditioning and the new way how to connect to our hearts and then powerful techniques for going about manifesting what we want.

The idea behind Reality Transurfing has more so to do with parallel reality manifestation than it does the traditional.

What Reality Transurfing shows us how to do is to glide through that process as in a very easy way versus us having to create it and us having to resist it, us making our goals very important, put them on a pedestal and creating resistance around it.

In a nutshell, Reality Transurfing is a model that helps you surfing through life.

The meaning of the world TRANSURFING can be interpreted in different ways:

– Surfing through the Space of Variations.

– Transforming potential options into reality.

– Sliding through Lifelines.

We do not really manifest, but we select realities.

The concept of MENTALISM says that ALL IS MIND.

Everything that you experience in your reality, or external world, is a manifestation of what is within your mind.

How you interpret reality is reflected to you by circumstance and different directions you move through into your life.

Life is a mirror
Life is a mirror

In the process of achieving what we desire in your life, you encounter various environments, circumstances. In Reality Transurfing® these are called Pendulums and different Life Tracks.

The circumstances reveal to you about yourself, and help you understand if you are moving towards or away from what you really desire in life.

Circumstances, situations, events in our life are the result of how we think + how we feel – and how we feel determines the course of action.

Once you set a goal for yourself, based on your desire, reality conforms and adjusts to make it so. The only thing that holds us back is ourselves in our mind.

The world can be perceived as an information structure that contains the infinity of variations of materialisation with their individual scenarios and decorations.

This model of navigating reality helps use feeling empowered, as we start seeing ourselves as the cause, rather than the effect.

Reality presents itself in a numberless variety of appearances.  These appearances form according to our basic beliefs as to how the world is. 

No appearance is more or less valid than any other appearance. This is the fundamental quality of our world. 

Material objects manifest for us according to the sensory apparatus of our earthly bodies augmented and filtered by how our species and culture view what is possible to be. 

All possibilities are already there in an informational field that Vadim Zeland calls the The Space Of Variations. It serves as a template governing how matter moves through space and time. According to this concept of reality, the world has an infinite amount of variations and forms of the reality.

It is important to understand that each point in this space contains its own variation of possible outcomes from each event.  All variations of all possible events – past, present and future are available.  Each observer of each event manifests reality according to their worldview which is governed according to the sensory apparatus of our earthly bodies augmented and filtered by how our species and culture view. 

These events, when we attempt to order our experience, manifest as a series of causes and effects grouped together in a time line that we view as our past, present and future. 

Vadim Zeland refers to this as our Life-Track.  Waves of thought energy materialise each variant as long as it is defined by consciousness – or in other words, fits our worldview.

Neville Goddard VS Reality Transurfing

In my post “You are in Barbados!” How Abdullah Taught Neville Goddard the Law” I have explained how Abdullah teaches Neville Goddard the Law. When we are able to consciously use this Law, we are in a position of manifesting what we desire in life.

This is not just about “I want a new car“, and trying hard to use the tools of manifestation to get a new car in our lives. Of course, material things are important, but what we are talking about here is an ability to bring into manifestation ANYTHING we want and need: good health, work/life balance, spiritual alignment, service to humanity.

In a cinema, a film is projected onto a screen. This film is composed of multiple scenes, all different from one another. In the same way, you have a thought and a mind with two spheres: the conscious & the subconscious. The subconscious mind is akin to a projector, always projecting something onto the screen — the screen of space, which is comprised of conditions and events.

The screen of life
The screen of life

However, not every thought is projected onto the screen. There’s a filtration process: only those thoughts which are accepted as true may be projected, just like how in a movie, only the commissioned scenes may be shown (for various reasons, whatever they may be). The conscious division of your mind, which you are in control of, is in charge of treating thoughts as either true or false. 

Once accepted as true, a thought will be cued into your movie of life to be projected onto the screen of space by your subconscious mind.

This is the entire working process of manifestation. When you accept something to be true, even if there is absolutely no reason to do so — and in many cases, there may be reasons to believe the opposite — and persist in accepting it as true, it will eventually solidify into an undeniable fact. You are not trying to convince yourself that your desire is real, but rather, accepting that it is real.

At a restaurant, you place an order and be sure that your waiter will bring it to you — why would they not?

This is why it is important that your desire must be felt as if it were a state of the present; by feeling your desire as if it were already fulfilled, experiencing in your imagination what you would experience in the flesh, you subconsciously accept it as fulfilled. You may still see results with an attitude of “I will be”, but to say “I am” is to suggest a stronger state. Accept that something is true and persist in accepting it as true, ignoring all evidence that suggests otherwise, and it will become a tangible, three-dimensional fact.

So, think from the state of having your desire fulfilled, because this implies acceptance of the end (the one requirement for the creation of an ideal reality). Be careful of negative thoughts, and while you should not focus on turning them around (turning around every single thought is exhausting and frankly inefficient), you should focus on reinforcing the state of having.

Think of your thoughts as being notifications – like those that you receive on your phone. Your brain (the notification system) will naturally bring a thought into your awareness for you to see it and then deal with it, however at times that signal can be broken, causing the same notification to reappear on a loop.

Recognise those reappearing thoughts as being that broken notification system. When those thoughts reappear, simply acknowledge, accept and allow them and then refocus. By ‘accepting‘ those thoughts you’re not accepting what they’re saying, you’re simply acknowledging the broken notification system.

In time, with help, that notification system will slowly begin to correct itself.

The entire universe is a mirror
The entire universe is a mirror

Because we constantly seek answers from the external world, we become depend on it, we become very reactive to it, we become the effect of it. We believe that the external world has far more power and control over us that it actually does.

In life we encounter various circumstances and situations that reveal that truth to us, but it is not necessarily to be a truth to another person who sees themselves as the cause of reality.

At some point in life we realise that a lot of what we are thinking affects the reality that is presented to us, it is presented to us in the external physical world. We come to realise that elements of reality start showing up based on our thinking and feeling.

Transurfing works with different concepts to help you navigate the metaphysical mind and correlating it to the external word, which is what we call reality. (This is according to the Law Of Correspondence:- as within, so without.)


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