You Are An Immortal Being Passing Through States
You Are An Immortal Being Passing Through States
What Is A State?

“A state is an attitude of mind, a state of experience with a body of beliefs which you live by. Always expressing a state, you identify yourself with it by saying:

“I am poor or I am rich. I am known or I am unknown. I am wanted or I am unwanted.”

– Neville Goddard

The key concepts are:

– There are infinite states in the world.

– You are not a state. You are an immortal being.

You enter a state and the state becomes alive. When you are in that state, you must express the content of that state.

States are not emotions. You don’t need to feel emotions to manifest, you need to be in the state that matches your desire, not being “emotional” about it.

How do you get out of a state? Through belief.  You must believe in the doctrine. You are told: “Whatsoever you desire, believe you have received it and you will.” – Neville Goddard.

Feel your desires as if they are already realised.  Don’t beg – instead, give thanks (read how to write a gratitude journal).  Notice if you are reacting to the world from that state – and if you are not – start right now.   Remember, you are the operant power – Your Mind Is a Center Of Divine Operation.

What does it mean to be conscious, to be aware, to be present, to be centered, to be grounded? It means to realise that you are not a state, you do not identify with that state you are in – the moment you realise that you are in a state that you do not want, you can come out of it.

You do not have to remain in that state, you can make a conscious decision to move to a different state.

Identify yourself With A State

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Identify Yourself With Your Preferred State

What does it mean to be in a state?

We pass through multiple states in the course of a single day.

Your states are your identities, what you believe about yourself, how you see yourself. Not your emotions while wearing those states.

The fact that I am happy or sad doesn’t take me out of the state of being a loving and kind person, because me being happy or sad are just emotions. So I may be going through various emotions while being in the state of being a loving and kind person.

You can satisfy self by appropriating the feeling that you are what you want to be. And this assumption though false, that is, although reason and the senses deny it, if persisted in will harden into fact.

– Neville Goddard

Blake made this statement:

“Eternity Exists and All things in Eternity Independent of Creation which was an act of Mercy.

By this it may be seen that I do not consider either the Just or the Wicked to be in a Supreme State, but to be every one of them States of the Sleep which the Soul may fall into in its deadly dreams of Good and Evil.”

When you find yourself in a state or see a seeming other in a state, do not condemn or praise it, for all states exist and no state is greater than another. Every state is an attitude, a state of experience with a body of beliefs that an individual son of the Most High occupies. And if that an individual son of the Most High, then are we not brothers of the Highest Unity? And are we not also members of the ultimate body who is God the Father?

So the states into which we fall cannot mar or in any way deter our immortal self who fell.

Examples of States

Being a nurse is a state, being a waitress is a state, being a factory worker is a state, being a man is a state, being a woman is a state, your sexual orientation is a state, being poor is a state, being rich is a state, being a parent is a state.

As you can see, here again, none of those states have anything to do with your moods, your happiness or lack thereof, or any other emotions.

If you wanted to manifest any of those states, you would just have to embody them and feel from the inside out that you are this or that.

The first thing that you need to realise and understand it’s that we are in multiple different states during the course of a day, but it’s the state that you return most often to that is your dwelling place as Neville Goddard said.

Even being a human being is a state. As a human being, you are God experiencing the state of being a human.

Life is just that, it’s God experiencing a multitude of states through you. So, with this in mind, the first thing that you need to understand it’s that your state is not you, no more that your thoughts are. You are not your thoughts and you are not your states.

That’s why you do not have to accept and dwell in a state that doesn’t serve you any more than you should accept to keep thinking thoughts that don’t serve you either.

You can shift into a different state pretty much instantly.

While knowing that you are undeniably going through different states throughout the day, the state that you are going back most often to is your home state (your dwelling place). And that’s the state that you want to pay the most attention to since that dwelling state of yours determines what you manifest.

Signs Will Follow Your State

Signs follow, they never precede.

– Neville Goddard

When you are looking for signs of your manifestation while you are not even occupying the state yet, it’s like looking if a seed that you have not planted, yet, has grown.

Signs will follow your state, but they will never precede it.

Neville said:-

Disengage yourself from the whole vast belief that you formerly entertained, and hold on in your imagination to the concept that you ARE the man that you want to be…   For you will RESSURECT and make alive the state that began only as a concept. If you remain faithful to the concept you will be led right into the fulfilment of that state. It is called, in the Bible, re-birth.

When you want to manifest money, you need to leave your state of being poor behind.

When you want to manifest a relationship, you need to leave your state of being single and lonely.

When you want to manifest health you need to leave your state of being sick behind.

As long as you are occupying an opposite or contradictory state of that which you need to embody to manifest your desire, you won’t manifest such desire.

So, looking for signs when you’re not even in the state of your wish fulfilled, yet, is the wrong way to go about it. Instead, embody the state that matches your desire in your imagination, first, and then signs will start appearing and your desire will be manifesting.

I say to everyone: you can be anything you want to be, but you cannot be double-minded. You are told, Let no one believe that – having looked into the mirror, turns away and forgets what he looks like – that he will receive anything from the Lord, for the double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” 

Only when one is willing to give up his present limitations and identity can he become that which he desires to be.

– Neville Goddard

When you want to manifest your desire, you need to be clear about it, because “God is not to be fooled” as says the Bible, meaning that you can’t expect to get something when you are contradicting what you’re saying that you want.

Your mouth is saying I want this, but your thoughts, beliefs, and ultimately your state is saying otherwise. On the other hand, when you are in agreement with yourself, and in the right state your desire is yours.

This is why affirmations do not work when you are repeating them from a contradictory state.

From my own experience

In May 1999 I had just graduated in Environmental Engineering from the University of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.

Soon after, I started feeling deep inside me that I wasn’t longer interested in the life I was living, and I decided I wanted to change it drastically. I became fed up with my own self, and I had to make a drastic change.

Thinking of working in an office and visiting building sites didn’t really excite me, in fact made me feel really sad. Was I being ungrateful? After all, many of people would have loved to be in my position.

I was not being ungrateful. I just knew that it was not for me.

Something within me was pushing me to move towards a different direction. Now, in 2022, I would call that my higher self, or if you like, my wise-self.

For a short while, I resisted. I preferred to stay in my comfort zone, although it was not that comfortable in the end. But we know that it is much more tempting to continue living a life we do not like, rather than start adventuring into the unknown.

Eventually I travelled to Ireland with two friends, we were there for ten days on vacation. For me it was the first time that I was travelling outside Italy. We had great fun and a great adventure. It opened my mind and heart. I felt alive again.

I was then back in the same situation; the same thoughts were saturating my mind: should I change? Should I keep things as they are?

I felt like I was being strangled. I had to do something.

A crazy idea started to emerge in my conscious mind. How about moving to Ireland?

That was crazy all right. When you are an engineer, you have a very logical mind: planning, assessing risks, foreseeing problems and focussing on solutions is essential.

That crazy thinking – where was it coming from?

So, I went through the Pros vs Cons

Cons: I do not speak English; I only have 800 Euros in my pocket; I do not have a job; I do not know anyone there; I do not have a place to stay; and of course, not being able to speak the language, I would find it challenging to find a job, to find a place to stay, to communicate with people, to make friends and so on.

Pros: what a great adventure! I would be able to learn a new language; to make new friend; to meet new people from different parts of the world; I would start think differently and being more open. I would learn many new things.

I have to say that my rational mind did not like at all the cons above. However, my soul was super excited about the idea.

Now – that happened 22 years ago, where did the time go! I remember that I did not give my mind time to think. I had to act swiftly – I now know had stepped into a different state and I had to dwell in it.

I started dreaming about being there, I started picturing being there, looking for places to stay, meeting people, finding a lovely job, adventuring. I was embodying the experience.

That all came naturally. I was not aware of Neville Goddard’s teaching back then. We do change states naturally, what Neville Goddard teaches is not a secret – however we do become aware of what it is going on and we can change things consciously, if we do not like them.

I finally booked a one-way flight to Ireland. It all worked out in the end.

Interestingly, soon after that, I discovered the teaching of Neville Goddard.

Eventually, I realised that the experiences that I had manifested in my life were matching the state that I was in.

I could look back on my whole life and there was no denying that it was the result of my dwelling state.

Your results in life will always match your dwelling state. There is no way around this because that’s how it works.

You Are An Immortal Being Passing Through States

You can listen or download an MP3 of this lecture by clicking below. If you are listening on a portable device such as a smartphone, tablet, etc. please use the headphones.

You Are An Immortal Being Passing Through States

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