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how to activate your healing power
How To Activate Your Healing Power

During a meditation exercise I saw myself as a healer in another lifetime, my name was … [Editor’s note: we’ll call her XYZ]. I have also been told many times that my hands can heal…

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I Have Done A Lot .... But I Have Not Seen Any Result
I Have Done A Lot …. But I Have Not Seen Any Result

You are looking for an answers in cause – effect, but on a Subtle level there is no cause – effect, since the events of life are the result of what happens inside yourself and are moved by your perception, through Synchronicity.

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Everything Speaks To you, about yourself
EVERYTHING Speaks To You … about Yourself

Are there any precautions that we should adopt in this phase that we begin to leave our environment to open ourselves up to an international environment, wider, more indiscriminate with respect to our work activity?

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I Have Cockroaches In My Home. What Does It Mean?

As you know there is no absolute meaning that can apply to everyone. However, there is no doubt that when animals show up in our life they carry a message about our mental attitude (thought) in that phase of our Journey.

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Catching A Cold - What's The Message For Me?
Catching A Cold – What’s The Message For Me?

What is the communication of the Absolute regarding the cold?

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Neville Goddards' Telephone Technique To Manifest What You Desire
Neville Goddards’ Telephone Technique To Manifest What You Desire

Here is a simple visualisation technique for manifesting using Neville Goddard’s telephone technique.

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When miracles happen
When Miracles Happen

What is my specific Path? What makes me feel good on my Path?

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coping with money worries
Coping With Money Worries

I would like to have indications, clear tools with respect to my work … What should I do?

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Channeling From The Source

If you want to receive information about your life or about the meaning and significance of what is happening to you directly from the Absolute

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't handle my children
I Can’t Handle My Children

“I finding it difficult handling my children, who are now particularly difficult to deal with because they are angry, even if there seem to be no specific reason.

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