Calling your spirit back
Calling Your Spirit Back

By no means is it easy to retrieve your spirit from days gone by, not only because genuine hurt is involved, but also because dwelling on sad or anger-filled memories can become a habit—almost like being under a spell. We become accustomed to dwelling in yesterday’s junk mail simply because we are used to it. So easily does our spirit go to our historic burial grounds that its energy bypasses our conscious mind and then simply alerts us that it has taken its position in our past. Thus, over time, we no longer even have to consciously activate our unhappy past; it is activated automatically.

  The process of retrieving this energy from the past begins by making a shift in awareness and vocabulary; simply put, you have to outrun your past. Learn to become conscious, as often as possible, of what you are thinking about and where your energy is. When you feel yourself drifting back into the fog of a memory, command your energy to return to the present moment by saying, “I am not going in that direction any longer. I release it once and for all.” And don’t make heavy weather out of the act of releasing. It isn’t always necessary to beat up pillows on the floor while screaming in rage. Release can also be accomplished with a bit of humor, such as, “You again? Beat it! I haven’t got either the time or the energy to think about you any longer.” Lighten up, and don’t allow your past to frighten you. Stop giving it power by clinging to the belief that things could or should have been otherwise. That is nonsense. 

  As you gain more control over your thoughts, try changing your vocabulary too. Speak more in the present tense about your life. You can certainly recall your past, but make it a habit to recall the good times. When someone asks you how you are, give them a positive answer; let that be your default setting. If you are genuinely coping with something that recently happened to you, go ahead and share that, but don’t dwell on it. If the incident reminds you of the “many other times this has happened to me,” then recall those times if and only if you are finally prepared to try to understand and break the pattern within you that is somehow involved in their creation. If, in your sojourn into your past memories, you emerge feeling even more like a victim, saying, “See? I just can’t win, no matter what I do,” then you are missing the point of calling your spirit back. To heal the past you have to “time travel” with the genuine intention of seeking and breaking repetitious patterns and gaining insights into what you need to learn in this lifetime.

Caroline Myss, Ph.D. – Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash