A higher template

The Truth of Who You Are, The Monad as Divine expressed through you, is what you have always been but have all denied.

Now, there are reasons for the denial of the Divine, there are many in fact. But the primary reason you deny the Divine within yourself is because you believe you cannot hold the higher that is already present.

Imagine a spark seeking to ignite and you keep blowing the wind to align the higher, but then don’t believe that the spark will. You allow it to flounder. You allow it to rest. And you don’t decide that it can be other.

Some of you say to us “I wish the kingdom. I wish to know the Divine in all ways”. But the process of aligning at the level reclaims each aspect of you which has denied the Divine.

Now you don’t know how you do this, or indeed why. You simply know that there are aspects of self that refute the existence of God or seek to claim a God that will serve your small self’s purpose.

You don’t understand that the Divine is as the breeze, which is always present, always there, sometimes felt, sometimes not. When you begin to accept, underline the word begin – the door opens slowly, lest the strong gust of wind blow you over and confuse you. You acclimate to the higher tone, the expression of the Divine that can be held by you, and the stages you can claim it, no more, no less.

But the aspects of you that would seek to deny it will seek to refute the Divine because it believes it will not live in the same accord. This is actually untrue.

The egoic structure or small self, assimilated in the higher, is actually still present but it operates in a different manner. It is moved in service to the higher will, to the higher tone that is present. It claims itself in its experience inclusive of the egoic structure.

You need the egoic structure for several reasons. Because you have form and you have a physical separation that you operate with, you must know whose shoes to put on in the morning, and when to close the window against the storm.

The Divine as you in a re-articulate state, reclaims the egoic structure and supports its expression in service to the higher.

For example, the one who has a lovely voice enjoys to sing before others. The opportunities may present themselves but the aspect of the singer that appreciates the applause is present still, and it gives her credence, her abilities credence, that she may share them some more.

Some of you say to us “Let it be done. I want to be awakened ad know everything from an awakened state. The sleeper awakens slowly, lest the light blind her, lest it be too bright for her. The sleeper awakens to what she can see, in the stages that will be revealed.

Some of you believe that if awakened you will be living in the cosmos. But we would wish if you had a kettle on the stove you will know to turn the burner off. You may be in the cosmos all you wish but please don’t burn down your home, seeking to escape a reality that you incarnated within for a very good reason.

The belief that you can be in the world but not of it must be understood as having an operating system that appreciates and knows what expresses beyond the physical realm but does not deny the physical realm – it simply re-sees the physical realm at a level of accord, vibrational accord, where the old is made new.

Paul Selig: A Higher Template – Excerpt of a lecture delivered in February 2024 during a online workshop

Image by ThankYouFantasyPictures from Pixabay