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my knees feel cold
My Knees Feel Really Cold And Hurt. What’s The Message?

My knees feel really cold and hurt. I have been experiencing these symthoms for some time now. What’s the message for me?

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consciousness is the only once cause
Consciousness Is The Only One Cause

There is only one cause, and that is consciousness. Your
consciousness is the center from which your world mirrors
and echoes the state you presently occupy.

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Why Do I Keep Gaining Weight
Why Do I Keep Gaining Weight?

Why Do I Keep Gaining Weight? What is the message and communication that I need to understand in this situation?

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DId I choose my family
Did I Choose My Family Before Incarnating On Earth?

It is true that I have chosen my family? Is it part of my Path to heal my family’s wounds, of my original family (father, mother, etc.)?

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Holistic Retreat Sardinia Summer 2023
Holistic Retreat In Sardinia – The Life That You Are – Oristano, Sardinia, Summer 2023

The Life That You Are – How To Create And Manage The Existence that Deep Within Yourself, You Feel You Want For Yourself. Oristano, Sardinia – Hostel Rodia – 26 August – 2 September 2023

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Online Reiki Circle
Online Reiki Circle – Let’s Share Reiki Energy Together

Our FREE Online Reiki Circle is Zoom each Thursday at 6:00 PM Rome Time. We gather each month to give and receive Reiki energy, to practice, to support and to learn.

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how can i let go of judgement
How Can I Let Go Of Judgement?

Other people’s judgement is quite painful to me. I move forward in my path but I feel the heaviness of the choices I made that others did not agree.

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how a transformational healing process works
How The Transformational Healing Process Works

In the past few months, I stated working with a new process called ‘Transformational Healing’. This process is structured in a few steps which bring in healing and transformation through affirmations, tapping (EFT) and energy healing techniques.

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Fear - The Only Constant In Life
FEAR: The Only Constant In Life

My whole life I have been living in constant fear. What is the message for me?

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What Happens During Energy Work?
What Happens During Energy Work?

What happens during a “distant energy treatment” with another person?

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