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A higher template
A Higher Template

The Truth of Who You Are, The Monad as Divine expressed through you, is what you have always been but have all denied …

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Calling your spirit back
Calling Your Spirit Back

By no means is it easy to retrieve your spirit from days gone by, not only because genuine hurt is involved …

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“How Reiki changed my life” – 6 Reiki Masters share their experience

If you have ever experienced a Reiki treatment yourself, then you know how wonderful and at the same time indescribable it feels. But what if you don’t just enjoy the occasional hands-on healing, but integrate Reiki into your life as a whole, as a path, as a philosophy?

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Mount Fuji
Teaching Principles of Gendai Reiki

Learning Reiki can be compared to climbing Mt. Fuji from the bottom to the top. It is dangerous to reach the top all at once without any preparation.

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UK Reiki Federation Online Membership
UK Reiki Federation – New Membership Category for Online Learners

Qualified students who attended my Holy Fire® Reiki and Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Reiki classes can now join the UK Reiki Federation as Associate Members with various benefits.

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past life transformation
Past Life Transformation – 10 August 2024 – The College of Psychic Studies, London

Who were you in a past life? And how does that affect you in this lifetime? Find out, and start to release long-held blocks from previous incarnations, in this in-person workshop.

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living as a Master
Living as a Master

The next step is a difficult one to explain, but it is about really connecting you with you. It’s difficult to explain because explanation tends to make it mental,

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International Common Standards For Gendai Reiki Masters

The International Common Standards for Gendai Reiki Masters have been set forth by Hiroshi Doi, the founder of Gendai Reiki Ho and representative of Gendai Reiki Healing Association (GRHA), to improve the morals, dignity, and ethics of Gendai Reiki Masters and to support Gendai Reiki Masters who are teaching Gendai Reiki Ho correctly.

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The Soul & Disease
Disease & The Soul

Disease & The Soul Disease is in essence the result of conflict between Soul and Mind, and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort. During a Reiki course in February 2023 we asked the Source (or the Absolute, or YOU) the following questions: What is Disease? Disease…

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How to Really help others
How To REALLY Help Others

My parents are old. My mother is not very well, I do not think she will be with us for much longer. How can I make this last period of her life as pleasant and painless as possible?

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