What Realities Are Your Mental Conversations Creating?
What Realities Are Your Mental Conversations Creating? – Neville Goddard

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What Realities Are Your Mental Conversations Creating?

Talking to ourselves is a human need, like eating and drinking. We cannot stop it. All that we can do is to control the nature and direction of our inner conversations.

“Our inner conversations are the causes of the circumstances of our lives. Man’s thinking follows the tracks laid down in his own inner conversations.

Speech is the image of mind, therefore to change his mind, he must first change his speech.”

Before we can change our inner conversations, we need to be aware of what these conversations are. In order to be aware, we need to train ourselves to be the observer, to dis-identify ourselves from our thoughts and emotions.

We need to ground our energy, because if we are somewhere else, we cannot be in the position of being aware of what is going own in our mind, and bodies.

Have you ever found yourself walking from A to B and not remembering what you did, and how you got to your final destination? Perhaps you were driving? Something else took over, and it took you to your final destination. It was your subconscious mind.

When this happens, it is the opposite of grounding. You were ungrounded, not in your body, you were up in the air.

What are the consequences of being ungrounded? If you were driving: accidents, missing a red light, missing a road sign, etc. When we are fully present we are much more in control of what is going on.

Once we are grounded, we can then start observing what is going on in our mind, but from a safe position. Imagine your thoughts being like a river, and you are sitting by the river bank observing it flowing in front of you. You do not get involved, if you jumped into the river you would soon find yourself fighting against the currents. You can just watch from your safe position, you are sitting – and all your attention can be focussed on your thoughts.

When you are able to do this, you are able to connect to the life force around you, flowing within you and leaving you. You are aware if you are leaking energy and where your energy is going to. If energy is being leaked from you, is because consciously or unconsciously you are allowing it to happen.

Now, imagine that you are able to observe an inner conversation going on in your mind, you observe the underlying behaviour and thoughts.

It may be that every time you see someone driving an expensive car you think ‘I am never going to be able to afford that’. Then the next day, or another time, you spot a similar thought when you see two people having dinner at a restaurant “It is too expensive to eat out. I cannot afford it’. You are watching a movie, and you think ‘I am never going to be able to buy a house’.

This is a reoccurring pattern, that is probably part of an inner state linked to poverty.

According to Neville’s teachings, our reality is like a screen that is showing us our inner world. Our inner world, is created by our inner conversations. Therefore, the person driving the expensive car, the two people having dinner at the restaurant, the movie on TV, they all come into your reality to show you your doubts that have externalised in you own reality. If we do not like the reality we are being shown, we can change it.

Neville calls this changing our state. He says that we are immortal beings passing through states. If we are in a state we do not like, we can change it. We do not wait for signs, as signs will always follow states, never precede them.

The fuel warning light comes on in your car? The light is telling you that you need to refuel. When you do that, the light goes off. If you break the light because you want it to go off, it does not solve the problem of the fuel. The car will soon stop.

To attempt to change the world, before we change our inner talking, is the struggle of the very nature of things. – Neville Goddard

Our realities/states are the results of our inner conversations. We want to change them by using the force in the reality, by breaking the light. That does not work, or when it does, the results only last for a short time.

If we are living in a state of poverty, we will always stay there even if our financial circumstances change momentarily. Our inner talking will inevitably take us back unto the state of poverty, and the reality will conform to our inner state, we will soon be poor again.

Have you ever heard of people who win the lottery and lose a fortune in a very short time? It is because despite receiving money in the external reality, they were not able to change their inner talking, and their inner conversations very soon recreated the conditions of poverty in their lives.

Within six years, Jim Rohn Rohn earned his first fortune, then lost the millions he had made. That led him to observe, “Whether you win or whether you earn a million dollars, best you quickly learn how to be a millionaire, or you will lose it.” – “Success is not so much what we have as it is what we are.”

The Difficulties of a young girl and her employer

Neville tells the story of a young girl who is having difficulties with her employer. She was convinced that the employer unjustly criticised her very best efforts.

Neville listened to her and told her that if she thought it was unfair, this inner conversation that she had going inside her mind was the very cause of her employer acting in that way. In other words, her employer’s behaviour towards her was the result of her inner conversations about her employer.

“She confessed that she argued with him all day long.”

The arguing that was going on in her own mind was being projected outside herself and manifested in her employer’s attitude towards her.

Neville gave her some advice, which probably made her realise that if she wanted to change her circumstance, she had do change what was going one within her (arguing with her employer).

This is how she changed her reality (the employer’s attitude towards her):

When she realised what she had been doing, she agreed to change her inner conversations with her employer and imagined that he had congratulated her on her fine work and that she in turn, her thanked him for his praise and kindness. To her great delight she soon discovered that her own attitude was the cause of all that befell her. The behaviour of her employer reversed itself”.

The girl changed her internal conversation with her employer and this eventually externalised in her employer changing his attitude towards her. She discovered that the problem was not her employer, but the cause was withing her, it was her very attitude towards him.

The girl changed her internal conversation, she changed state, and by changing her state she changed her reality. It is very similar to what Neville did when he got honourably discharged from the army.

How many times we dwell in our reality, trying to fight and argue with people around us? When we become aware of our inner talk, we realise that people are like mirrors and are reflecting our inner conversations.

We can sit down and imagine changing these conversations we are having with them, therefore changing our realities.

Our present mental conversations do not recede into the past, as man believes, they advance into the future to confront us, as wasted or invested words.

Neville Goddard

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