How Neville Got Honourably Discharged From The Army
How Neville Got Honourably Discharged From The Army

Neville Goddard always applied The Law most diligently, every single time he desired to manifest something in the physical world. 

Quoted below is a story in Neville’s own words of how he got discharged from the army honourably and without any conscious influence over any of the army generals. I have also included part of the original lecture (mp3 audio).

In the spring of 1943 Neville was drafted soldier and stationed in a large army camp in Louisiana. He was intensely eager to get out of the army but only in an entirely honourable way.

Neville’s own words are in italic – sentences and important words are in bold.

“If you go to jail, and you say five to ten years, all right you know five years, and maybe you get off in six for good behaviour, but when you are drafted into the army, there is no date that you are promised where they let you out. You’re in for the duration.”

“Well, I was drafted into the army with seventeen million dollars, where I did not ask the permission of anyone, I only consulted myself. I looked around, I knew what the world knew, it was something that had to be done. But I must be honest with myself, I didn’t want any part of it, but no part of it.

“Others would tell me is that the act of a coward, I didn’t care what they said, is that being a good citizen? .. I didn’t care what they said.”

Neville knows what he wants, he feels deeply in his heart that he DESIRES to be in house in New York with his wife and his little girl (Vicky). He did not want any part of it (World War II).

He says: “I must be honest with myself “ – Honesty relates to the Throat Chakra or Throat energy centre, which is about expression. When most people speak of honesty or even think of honesty, they first think of what we say to others. That is one of the ways that we can be honest. But the way that we tend to misalign and close off our throat chakra the most is by not being honest with ourselves.

How are you expressing yourself? Are you acknowledging and facing your fears? Are you setting boundaries with people and staying true to them? Are you sharing your love and compassion with those around you?

Neville says I MUST BE HONEST WITH MYSELF – is it a MUST, not a may, or perhaps. He has to do it. Neville knows what happens when we are not honest with ourselves, when we are unable to communicate clearly with ourselves. This internal doubt externalises and hardens in the physical world.

When we struggle to be honest with ourselves, to express who we truly are, we will limit our own ability to grow and evolve. We will find that we are overcome with fear, have boundaries violated and fall into the trap of negative self talk.

“As I said earlier, what we now know, which we call reason, it’s a reasonable thing to do, we are at war and we’re all Americans, and we should be going there because our Country has declared war. Go in there and fight. And so reason tells us that it should be done.

I was drafted, I did not oppose it, they drafted me, took me down to Camp Polk Louisiana, for my base training, and while I was there I didn’t want any part of it, and I dare to assume that I am out of it.

And made my normal natural application as you have to do in the world of Caesar. Within 24 hours it came back and it was simply rejected. It was signed DISAPPROVED and signed by Colonel, a very nice gentleman. His name as Colonel Theodore Bilbo Jr. His father was Senator of Mississippi.”

“I said nothing, my Captain said for your sake Goddard I am very very sorry. I know exactly how you feel, you want to be with your wife and your little girl, your son is in Guadalcanal with the Marines, and you are now almost 38 and so, I know, but I would like to go through this war with a man just like you at my side. So I can’t say that I am sorry for myself, I am sorry only for you.”

“I didn’t say one word to him, to the Colonel, I didn’t oppose it, that was the decision of Caesar.

Neville, following all the necessary procedure, applied for a discharge. Within four hours his application was returned – marked ”DISAPPROVED.  He then turned within to his own consciousness, determined to rely on the law of assumption.

In many other stories of Neville, we notice there are two ways he participates in the outcome: one is in the physical world, the world of Caesar. The other, in the wonderful world of imagination.

In this particular example, Neville filled out the paperwork, made a physical request to get out of the army. And that request was rejected. He stopped at that point, and chose to enter in the world of the imagination. The soldier realised that his consciousness was the only reality, that his particular state of consciousness determined the events he would encounter.

Neville spoke often about this physical world as the “world of Caesar“. He is referring to the passage from Matthew in the Christian Bible:

17 Tell us, then, what you think. Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, or

not?” 18 But Jesus, aware of their malice, said, “Why put me to the test, you

hypocrites? 19 Show me the coin for the tax.” And they brought him a

denarius. 20 And Jesus said to them, “Whose likeness and inscription is

this?” 21 They said, “Caesar’s.” Then he said to them, “Therefore render to

Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” 


The point that Neville is making based on the above passage is that there are different constructs in the spiritual world than exist in the physical world.

When we learn to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” – accepting that we live within the physical constructs of this world; we will not only avoid the disappointment of trying to manifest (for example) money, but we can enjoy the many wonderful demonstrations of Good that come our way, every day.

When his request for a discharge was disapproved, Neville did not get angry and try to go over the colonel’s head. Instead, he looked into the law of Liberty.

“Now I looked into the perfect law, the law of Liberty and I persevered in that law.

“.. and I slept that night as though I slept in my own home, in New York City on Washington Square, where I lived on the seventh floor. I lived in that floor, it was a very large apartment, two bedrooms, a lovely big living room, a dining room, a huge kitchen and the foyer, and …”

I slept in that place just as though I were there, not in the army. I fell asleep in that state, having done all the normal things that would make me feel disarrange, which is perfect. I rearranged the structure of my mind. Sort of seen 25 men around, sleeping upstairs and knowing the 25 down below in the next area”.

“I slept in my own bed, with my wife in her bed, and my little girl in the crib in the corner, I felt everything in that place just as though it’s taking place, and I rearranged the structure of my mind, and fell sound asleep in that state.

“At 4:00 o’clock in the morning, here comes a sheet of paper, before my eyes, and a hand from here down, with a pen in its hand, and the pen scratched out the word disapproved, and wrote in it in bold script APPROVED and then I heard the word – THAT WHICH I HAVE DONE, I HAVE DONE. DO NOTHING – I then I woke.”

That night, in the interval between getting into bed and falling asleep, he concentrated on consciously using the law of assumption. In imagination he felt himself to be in his own apartment in New York City. He visualised his apartment, that is, in his mind’s eye he actually saw his own apartment, mentally picturing each one of the familiar rooms with all the furnishings vividly real.

“Placing myself on my bed, I saw my wife sleeping in hers. Then I rose, and looking out the window, I saw the Holly Apartments across the street and Washington Square down below. Turning, I walked into the living room, dining room, and the kitchen. I felt familiar objects and brought as many of my five senses alive in the drama as possible.

Neville makes an important point here – He talks about first visualising his room, with as much detail as he could. He then experienced his visualised picture. He put himself there, experiencing everything in that picture.

Neville first visualised his house in his mind and gave it as much detail as he was able to. Only then did he enter the picture, experienced it in first person.

With this picture clearly visualised, and lying flat on his back, he completely relaxed physically. In this way he induced a state bordering on sleep at the same time retaining control of the direction of his attention.

He knew that it was most important in the successful use of this law that at the actual point of falling asleep his consciousness be filled with the assumption that he was already what he wanted to be. All he did in imagination was based on the assumption that he was no longer in the army.

Neville made a scene where he walked in his home – from room to room – feeling it real and then he looked out the window and saw the street where his house was situated. He did all this from the assumption that he had been honourably discharged from the army. When he mentally looked out from the window of his apartment in NYC, he though of the army not from there and that’s what brought his manifestation about.

Mentally feeling your wish fulfilled doesn’t mean emotionally reacting to it – but reminding yourself, while imagining, that you are now where you want to be. And once you do this enough, you will actually believe it as well.

Feeling familiar objects, and involving the five senses to the point where his imaginal activity felt like the same activity would – in the physical world. It was then, that “the voice” told him to do nothing.

“It was too early to disturb the twenty-five other fellas sleeping there, but I waited until the very first moment that I could leave that room, went down to the latrine and shaved bade early and came up filled with the glow that the whole thing was done.

“All that I walked in that assumption for the next five days. Nine days later, the same Colonel that disapproved my request, called me in. He said close the door Goddard – I closed the door – he said take a seat. And he never asked me to take a seat in his presence before. I was a private, you always stood in his presence. To take a seat …

“.. and then he gave me all the reasons in the world why I should still be in the army. He said you still want to get our – I said Yes Sir. Give me another reason – still want to get our – I said Yes Sir. Another one. When he exhausted all the reasons why I should be in the army and I am still saying yes sir, the said all right, bring me another application, have your captain sign it. Which I did. That day I was honourably discharged and out of the army. I didn’t run away, I was honourably discharged.

Night after night the soldier enacted this drama. Night after night in imagination he felt himself, honourably discharged, back at his home seeing all the familiar surroundings and falling asleep in his own bed. This continued for eight nights.

For eight days his objective experience continued to be directly opposite to his subjective experience in consciousness each night, before going to sleep.

The original paperwork had been rejected, but that couldn’t get Neville off his mind. Because on the tenth day, the colonel called him into his office, interviewed him, and then told him to fill out a new set of papers – and then he was discharged.

Neville didn’t push, or used force, to make it happen.  He simply played his natural part – answering his commanding officer’s questions – and resubmitting the paperwork – after he moved in consciousness – to being back home – discharged from the Army.

Neville knew the physical act is not the cause. He didn’t try to physically force it to happen. He stopped, he used the Law correctly.

“When vision breaks fall into speech, the presence of deity, is there. And who can oppose God, says – which I have done, I have done. Do nothing. So he thought he initiated the urge to let me go free. I looked into the perfect law, the law of Liberty. And I persevered in that law. And he played his part for I rearranged the structure of my mind”.

“I was convinced I wanted out. I didn’t ask anyone’s permission, I did not discuss it with one as to why I should want out when seventeen million men are being drafted, such numberless girls to make a tremendous effort against this monstrous thing that was in Europe. I still wanted out. I did not take anyone into my confidence, as to why I wanted out.”

“I had my thirteen weeks basic training and then when I came out they gave me my citizenship papers and became – I could have been in 1922 – I could have been an American but I just didn’t have the time or the urge to get around to it, to become a citizen. So I drifted on, and drifted on, and drifted on, and finally after this little episode, that’s why I went into the army – for I would still be drifting through and being a citizen of Britain, but now I am an American by adoption, and they gave it to me, because I did fulfil a 13-week training course in the American army.

How Neville Got Honourably Discharged From The Army

You can listen or download an MP3 of this lecture by clicking below. If you are listening on a portable device such as a smartphone, tablet, etc. please use the headphones.

How Neville Got Honourably Discharged From The Army

Wishes fulfilled
Wishes fulfilled
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