Being a Reiki Conduit
Being a Reiki Conduit

It Is Not Necessary to Concentrate or Make an Effort When Using Reiki. All you need to do is gently place your hands. The necessary amount of Reiki flows to wherever needed.

All you need to do during the session is to trust Reiki and the client’s healing ability, and let Reiki handle everything. You have become a Reiki conduit, so remain as a Reiki conduit the whole time. Being a Reiki conduit is just like a water hose for a fire hydrant. The hose itself never has a desire but just lets water flow.

Anyone can learn Reiki. Once you have received your Attunement (aligning your inner energy) and opened up the Reiki pathway within you, you can start giving Reiki sessions immediately.

The Way of The Heart

The Way of the Heart begins by accepting the humility that you have created quite a mess within your consciousness. You have created a labyrinth and gotten lost within it, and you do not know the way back.

It begins by accepting that of yourself, you can do nothing. For all you have managed to achieve is the creation of a whole lot of insane dramas that are occurring nowhere except within the field of your mind. They are like chimeras, like dreams. In truth, there is no difference between a waking state—in which you would be the director of your life—and the dreams you have when the body sleeps at night. They are both the same.

I wish to direct you to peace, even that peace which forever transcends the understanding and comprehension of the world. I desire—because my Father desires it through me—to bring you wholly to where I am that you might discover there is someone that got there ahead of you. And when you look closely, you will say, “Ah, it’s my Self. I have always been there, but I forgot.”

The Way of Mastery – Part 1 – The Way of the Heart

by Shanti Christo Foundation

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