Anshin Ritsumei
Anshin Ritsumei – Experiencing Oneness

Usui Sensei trained at a Zen Buddhist monastery wishing that he would be able to live his life in Anshin Ritsumei, but he was not successful. He asked a Buddhist monk at the temple how to reach Anshin Ritsumei, and the monk answered, “You need to experience death.” Usui Sensei thought about what the monk meant for a while. In despair, he decided to die and began fasting at the top of Mount Kurama, a suburb of Kyoto.

At midnight during the third week, he felt he was struck by very strong lightning on his head and lost consciousness. In the morning, he woke up with a very strange, previously unexperienced feeling. He was cold and hungry, and very tired, but at the same time, he felt refreshed. His internal Reiki started resonating with the Reiki in the Universe and he experienced Oneness with it.

His quest was answered; “I am the Universe, the Universe is me.”

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