When miracles happen

Which is my personal Path? What is that makes me feel good on my Path? What is, in the Path that makes me feel good, that makes me feel like myself right now? What steps should I take other than the stasis I’m currently going through?


The purpose of your incarnation, like that of all humans, is to experience “who you are not“, to rediscover Who You Are and to live consistently with your Divine Nature.

Therefore there isn’t any specific path in “doing“, but an attitude in Being. So every choice, action, thought, emotion you have is Divine, but you don’t always remember this. Your Path lies in recognising you as the Divine Being who has having an experience on planet Earth, shifting the attention – and therefore the degree of importance – from the outside to the inside.

What makes you feel good is keeping yourself listening and focused on your inner dialogue. Then all your actions will take a different meaning as judgment and fear will fall. You’ve already experienced this: in those moments when you a have a sense of deep inner peace and everything that appears external to you is not longer important because you vibrate at an extremely subtle frequency that allows you to appreciate that peace that gives meaning to life. You have experienced it sporadically for a few moments, but because of this you know it exists.

This is what makes you feel good. You don’t find it in the things you do, in the people you hang out with, in the situations you create, but you can find it continuously, always, inside you every time you really listen. In this listening, you also receive indications on “what to do”.


Why am I find it so difficut to take this action? I feel stuck inside dispite the fact that I’m doing the best I can do.


Because at this stage your intent is overloaded of expectation. The expectation is the result of your stance in cause – effect: “if I do this, I get this“. This stance blocks the flow.

In reality, the flow of Unconditional Love that You are, precisely because “unconditional” cannot have conditions. So first of all let go of expectations: connecting and communicating with Me, that I Am You and I Am Everything, is the goal.

When the goal is “my well-being“, or rather “your well-being“, it concerns the little me, the ego that expects a result. When listening and self-talk is for the sole purpose of flowing into your Core Frequency, then miracles happen; then even on an earthly, physical, emotional and mental level you will have a sense of well-being. But the goal is not well-being: it is a deep sense of contact.

How close am I now to this contact? Am I distant? Where am I in relation to what you are telling me?

You are there. What separates you from perceiving yourself in your True Nature is only your belief that you cannot make it.

But I talk to you all the time, and during the day you often hear me, and during the night you often hear me. And then you run away for fear that it isn’t true, for fear that they are fantasies or suggestions. It is as if you open the door and then close it again saying: “No, I’m imagining it!”. But behind that door I keep talking with you.

Choosing to listen, trusting yourself, without judging what you perceive, is your path. There is no mistake, there is no judgement: it is your Path, perfect for how you created it, choosing this incarnation with its challenges. So don’t stop. Look for your voice deep inside, your Light deep inside, and a new world will open up. You will feel that you have always known it even in its novelty.


I find it hard to find those doors “that have opened” and that “I have closed”, and I would like to have examples in relation to this. So when I opened it, I didn’t realise it? When did that happen? Why, for example, do I struggle to sleep at night? So I would like a sign that I can see. And therefore know, when I opened it recently.


When you had no make choices. When you were wondering which path to take, and you had to choose, a voice within guided you. Then you had doubts: “Will I do well? Will I make a mistake? Will it be the right way for me? Is that going to be the wrong one?” But when you followed the first answer, you opened the door. When you blocked the choice for fears, you closed it.

There are many moments in your life. What you are looking for is something striking, but the flow of energy is not striking: it is continuous.

I’ll give you another example: you’ve experienced moments of extreme ease in deciding, and moments of extreme difficulty in deciding and acting. This gives you an indication of what happens when you let it flow and everything seems to go perfectly, and what happens when everything seems to stop. Nothing happens externally, nothing different, because what you see outside is a projection of what happens inside you.

What is stuck, in conflict, irritating, speaks to you about what is stuck inside you, what is in a state of conflict, it is your reaction. Viceversa what flows, things that go well and flow tell you about your attitude of openness to letting yourself be led by Synchronicity for the manifestation of your True Nature.

Channeling From The Source

8 February 2022

How To Understand The Language Of Life

Life is in constant communication with us, at the service of everyone.

Since the dawn of time, man has wondered about the meaning and significance of the events of life. We are looking for a sign, a guide, a master who knows for us, who dissolves doubts, questions and fears. But no answer is (nor will ever be) satisfactory, because … “when you look outside of yourself for solutions and answers, you look in the wrong place”.

And it is not useful to interpret life “investigating the causes of the effects“, but to let the meaning emerge from the depths, in the certainty that everything has a meaning and that Life, or rather all that each of us IS, communicates through the Evidence that is shown to our senses using the language of metaphor and analogy, of eternal symbols and absolute archetypes, beyond judgment and with discernment.

Channelling From The Source

If you want to receive information about your life or about the meaning and significance of what is happening to you directly from the Absolute, MaeStr’Ale offers you – free of charge and without any commitment on your part – the opportunity to have this dialogue with the Source channelled by our Holistic Facilitators.

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