How To Manifest For Someone Else - Neville Goddard

How To Manifest For Someone Else – Neville Goddard

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How To Manifest For Someone Else – Neville Goddard

Neville and the Christian Bible

Neville Goddard’s teachings often relied upon the Christian Bible to support, and even prove, his belief that humans can manifest whatever life circumstance they chose through mental focus. But Neville was absolutely not devout Christian in a typical sense.

Neville denied that the Bible presented some form of historical record. He claimed that the Bible was, in fact, figurative and not literal and that it didn’t describe actual events but rather an internal struggle taking place within all humans. This struggle was humans connecting with their God nature.

“When you open the Bible, and read the story as it is given to us, you may think that we are talking about people that lived, individuals, persons that as we are – but it’s not so. The characters depicted in the bible are not the individuals named; they are simply states signified by those names”.


He believed that the characters depicted in the bible are simply a state of consciousness though which we, immortal beings, all pass through in life. Therefore, at some point in life we all move through these states in the Bible: Moses, Abraham, Jesus and so on.

Neville’s teachings wanted to demonstrate that humans have no limitations to what they can create within the life experience. Neville said each human is God personified — I Am (the name God provided Moses through the burning bush). Humans however are stuck in the false belief that they are only, essentially, physical forms and mind activity.

Neville claimed that prayer — or the desire to manifest something into the physical world — happens through mental focus and taking on the reality of some experience.

The states are eternal, permanent forever, and you pass on. We do not change, we are immortal; but we change states.

“It’s like moving though a city. The city remains, but we pass on. To think that because we have left the city that the city would cease to exist would be stupid. The city remains, and we go on. We pass from one state to another state, and finally we come to the end – that end is described in scripture as Jesus.”


These are eternal spiritual states and exist forever. But we also create states.

The key points here are:

– We are immortal beings.

– When we incarnate, we keep moving from one state to another throughout life.

– Some of these states are spiritual and eternal; other states are created by us.

How To Manifest For Someone Else

Let’s say that I have a friend who is unemployed.

According to Neville, my friend is not unemployed – because if he was, I would be identifying him with that state. My friend is an immortal being temporarily occupying a state labelled ‘unemployed’.

My friend tells me that he wants to be gainfully employed. He gives me permission to act, to interfere with his free will.

“I represent him to myself as someone who is gainfully employed. Who has more than he’s ever had before. To the degree that I am self-persuaded that he is what I have now imagined to be, to that degree he will actually become it. I move him out of one state into another.”


We know that we can move through states, whether we do this consciously or unconsciously. Of course, it would be much beneficial for us (and less ‘damaging‘) if we managed to create consciously by paying attention to our mental conversations.

Remember, states are not emotions. You don’t need to feel emotions to manifest, you need to be in the state that matches your desire, not being “emotional” about it.

Neville says that we can move other people through states. How do we do that? Using the same technology that I would use for myself.

If you wanted to manifest any state, I would just have to embody them and feel from the inside out that I am this or that. I would make a mental picture of the desidered state and feel as if what I am asking, has already happened.

Neville says – “The great secret is a controlled imagination and a well sustained attention firmly and repeatedly focused on the feeling of the wish fulfilled until it fills the mind and crowds all other ideas out of consciousness.”

I am not the only one occupying that state; there could be hundreds, thousands or millions of people occupying the same state. I need to be aware in which state I find myself – if I do not like the state I find myself in, I must dis-identify with that state and move to a desidered state by using my mental conversations and imagination.

“But that state into which he fell remains for anyone to fall into it, and all can fall into it at the same time for that matter. He’s not the only occupant of that state of being unemployed, there could be millions being unemployed; and there could be millions who desire to be out of it.”


How do I do this for my friend? I use exactly the same method.

I represent him to myself as someone who is gainfully employed. Who has more than he’s ever had before. I build a mental picture of my friend. This is particularly powerful when I do it before going to bed.

I use my imagination to bring an imagine of him being gainfully employed.

I look into the perfect law, the law of Liberty and I persevere in that law.

– I see my friend in your imagination.

– I believe what I am seeing in my imagination to be true.

To the degree that I am self-persuaded that he is what I have now imagined to be, to that degree he will actually become it.

I see my friend in my mind’s eye and use all my senses to make this image as true as I can.

I hear myself congratulating him for the new job.

I see him smiling and hear him saying that he is very happy and he’s enjoying his new job.

– I want to use my imagination to create as much as I can to persuade myself that what I am seeing/hearing/feeling is true. – I may see him in my mind’s eye showing me his new car, his new clothes, telling me that because of the money he’s now earning he’s come out of dept.

I hear myself congratulating him for his new job. He’s hasa thrown a party for his friends to celebrate his new job – I am tasting and smelling the food that he has prepared.

I move him out of one state into another.” – In my imagination my friend is no longer in that state of being unemployed, he is now employed and happy.

“I take you as an individual, I represent you to myself as the one you would like to be, the one that I, if I were in your state, would like to be. I make it fit within what it’s know as the golden rule – I do onto others as I would have them do unto me”


In my previous post “Every thought we think is creating our future“, I discussed how the the subconscious mind is primal, always awake and takes everything literally. It communicates in images, feelings and metaphors focusing on emotion rather than logic or reason. It is not so much about the words that we say in a prayer. 

The words can be spoken, however if they the words are spoken, the goal is to create the feeling.

Let’s now assume that we want to help a friend who is hospital because she’s very ill.

So what happens when we pray, we focus on the words we are saying, but we are begging something or someone external to us, with sadness and despair in our heart?

How To Manifest Health For A Friend Who Is Ill

Let’s now assume that we want to help a friend who is hospital because she’s very ill.

So what normally happen in these situations, I would pray for my friend, I would carefully choose the words I use in my prayer, I would pray to God, Jesus, Buddha, Archangels and so on. This is fine of course.

However, according to the science that Gregg Braden is presenting here, the words I am saying are not important. What is important is the feeling that I have in my heart, what I am thinking and feeling about my friend who is ill.

If when I am praying, I am begging to something or someone external to me, and in my heart I feel sadness and despair – I say or think words such as ‘Please, please heal my friend if you can‘ or even I try to negotiate with God by saying ‘If you heal my friend I will be good for the rest of my life‘.

What happens if I am imagining my friend in bed, crying, in pain, and I am imagining her getting worse, or even dying?

According to Neville, I am using the exact formula above, but I am creating exactly what my friend and I do not want to create – more illness. I am creating a picture in my mind, which is generating feelings of sadness and despair – in turn, this generates subsequent pictures that are more and more dramatic and are leading even more to a worst case scenario.

If I really believe that imagination creates reality, I must understand that this way of imaginaning and praying does not help – in fact, it is counterproductive.

How can I really help my friend who is ill? I do not have to be a healer to be able to do this, to help her. Praying is a form of mental healing. However, energy/spiritual/reiki healers that integrate hands-on healing or remote healing with visualisation, are able to manifest very powerful healings.

This is what I would do:

I would represent her to myself as someone who is healthy and well.

Where would she like to be if she was out of hospital? Probably in her own home.

So, I imagine my friend in her own home, joyful and happy. She is so grateful to be healthy. I build a mental picture in my mind’s and feel it as what I am imagining is absolutely true.

I would hear myself talking to her on the phone, and she’s telling me that she has never felt better in her life. She is telling me all things that she wants to do now that she’s healthy, and all places she wants to visit and see.

Below is a practical application of mental healing, or praying, or the golden rule as Neville calls it.

Feelings Is A Prayer

Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Times best-selling author, scientist, international educator and renowned as a pioneer in the emerging paradigm based in science, social policy and human potential.

Gregg mentions Neville Goddard in his excellent book ‘The Isaiah Effect‘:

“Consider the effects of prayer through a simple model. Over fifty years ago, in 1947, Dr. Hans Jenny developed a new science to explore the relationship between vibration and form.

Through well-documented studies, Dr. Jenny demonstrated that vibration produced geometry. In other words, by creating vibration in a material that we can see, the pattern of the vibration becomes visible in that medium.

When we change the vibration, we change the pattern. When we return to the original vibration, the original pattern reappears.

Through experiments conducted in a variety of substances, Dr. Jenny produced an amazing variety of geometric patterns, ranging from very complex to very simple, in such materials as water, oil, and graphite and sulfur powder.

Each pattern was simply the visible form of an invisible force.

The significance of these tests is that Dr. jenny proved, beyond any doubt, that vibration causes a predictable pattern in the substance that it is projected into. Thoughtfeelingand emotion are vibration

Science that suggests that our future may already exist as one of many “possibilities,” dormant in “the soup of creation“. As we make new choices in our lives each day, we awaken new possibilities, and fine-tune the eventual outcome.

This view implies that each time we ask for something in prayer, a possibility exists where our prayer is already answered. 

The key to choosing one outcome from among many possible outcomes is our ability to feel as if our choice has already come to pass. From our previous definition of prayer as “feeling,” then, stated another way, we are invited to find the quality of thought and emotion that produces such a feeling — living as if our prayer had already been answered.

When thought, feeling, and emotion are not aligned, each may be considered as out of phase with the others. While there may be brief areas of overlap, much of the pattern is unfocused, working in different directions, independent of the rest of the pattern. The result is a scattering of energy.

In this incredible video Gregg Braden shows how three men cure a woman’s cancer in real time only by using the strength of their mind – combining thoughts and feelings.

Key Points from Gregg Braden’s video

– When we have a feeling in our hearts, we are creating electrical and magnetic waves inside of our bodies, that extend beyond our bodies into the world around us.

– Research shows that those waves extend many kilometres beyond where our heart physically resides.

– When many people get together, many hearts come together and create one feeling, this feeling can change the world.

– It is only a miracle until we understand the science. Once we understand the science, then it is no longer a miracle, it becomes a powerful internal technology.

– In this video there are three practitioners trained to feel just the right, correct feeling in their hearts.

– These practitioners create the feeling as if the woman is already healed.

– A 3 inch diameter cancer in the woman’s bladder disappears after 2 minutes 40 seconds from the time the three practitioners started chanting.

– The words that the three practitioners are using loosely translated mean ‘already happened, already done’. The words are not important, they have nothing magical about them. The words help to generate the feeling.

In their mind and in their heart they are coming from the place that the healing has already happened – Not that is ‘about to happen‘ or it is ‘going to happen‘.

The Field of energy is a mirror, it reflects our feeling of what we are experiencing in the moment.

– If our belief is that the healing ‘is about to happen’, or that our perfect relationship ‘will come to us some day”, or that our abundance in the bank ‘will happen someday’, the Field, the Divine Matrix, will keep reflecting that belief ‘it is going to happen someday.

What we choose to experience in our lives, we must first feel in our hearts as if it has already happened.

Experiments showed that:

1. Our DNA has a direct effect on our physical world.

2. Human emotion changes the DNA – that is changing our physical world.

3. It happens because there is a Field that connect everything together.

4. The Field is the conduit (see the prayer for rain, or The True Story of the Young Jewish Boy And His Father, by Gregg Braden).

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