't handle my children

I finding it difficult handling my children, who are now particularly difficult to deal with because they are angry, even if there seem to be no specific reason.

I feel responsible as I feel their behaviour is the result of the relationship with my ex-husband.

He was physically present, but emotionally absent and always very angry.


Everything you experience in your life while you are in your body, although so tangible and, misleadingly, attributable to what appears external to you, is in reality a projection of what is happening inside you.

And it takes a shape and form in order to communicate a message to you and allow you to realign yourself with your True Nature, by recognising Who You Are and in this, take your power back.

Therefore your children bring a message that is about your Power to Generate, therefore to Create Life both in this dimension and in the Absolute.

Your ex-husband brings a message about your Attitude to Life which, although no longer relate to you, you continue to perpetrate in the relationship with your own Power to Generate.

So that you can understand, in this phase of your Journey, despite having made choices that have partially distanced you from an angry and absent attitude towards Life, in the sense of not recognizing your Divine part, a part of you continues to keep that part active that attitude. This moves you away from your own Power to Generate. So although as a Divine Being you create every moment of your life, you do it automatically by unconsciously following mental processes of anger and resentment, and thus generating situations of anger and resentment in your life.

Is it clear for you?


“I get it, but only in part, because I don’t understand what I can do to find a way to solve this situation.”


The first thing to do is to ackwonledge your children not as separate from you, but as aspects that are in you that show you where you harbour anger or arrogance or flight. Because it is only by changing your interior that you will see their behaviour change.

The first thing to do is to acknowledge that your children are not separate from you, but they are aspects of you that show you where you harbour anger or arrogance or the need to escape. Because it is only by changing your inner world that you will see their behaviour change.

Therefore the question for you is: “Where in my attitude to Life and my relationship to my creative power, that I know I have, I feel angry, disappointed or discouraged?”. The origin of anger and discouragement lies in living separately from yourself.

Therefore while inside you feel a strong call of your Divine Nature to return to the awareness that All Is One, you continue to live your Life separately from your Divine Being, as if there were two people inside you: one Spiritual, one material. This separation results in a conflict that manifests outside of yourself through the conflicts that you are experiencing.

Channeling at the Source

27 January 2023

The Language of Evidence – The Unknown Language

We are two-dimensional beings: a dense (dimension) – which is a combination of the physical, emotional and mental body; and and a Subtle (dimension).

The dense aspect creates through thought and emotionswords – and the actions that result from it.

The Subtle aspect creates through frequencies.

Everything comes from the Subtle (Dimension) and manifests itself in matter (physical plane) to facilitate our self-realisation.

Everything is a communication for us.

However, in our perceived reality often the messages of Life (the Subtle sthat that each of us IS) are not understood, because they communicate with an unknown language: the language of Evidence.

Life is a mirror
Life is a mirror
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