Psychic Protection
Why Protection Is Important In Healing And Psychic Work

Any act performed with intention becomes a rite. We can take a bath with no more in mind than physical cleanliness; in which case the bath will cleanse our bodies and no more. Or we can take a bath with a view to ritual cleanliness, in which case its efficacy will extend beyond the physical plane. We therefore perform certain physical actions not only as a means of clearing etheric conditions, but also as a means of definitely effecting astral ones through the imagination, a very potent weapon in all magical operations.

Dion Fortune – Psychic Self-Defence

Sensitivity To Energies

One of the most problematic areas of psychic development is the consequential increase in sensitivity to all energies. It is rather like turning up the volume on your radio so that you can pick up very distant signals. This is fine while you are listening to that programme, but if you turn the dial forward or backwards, without first turning down the volume, you might suddenly ‘tune into‘ a station that is very close and then be blasted by the noise from the speaker.

In a similar way, there are many people today who are metaphorically developing the sensitivity of their inner receivers. This can become very disturbing if the necessary ‘de-tuning‘ precautions, when dealing with day to day situation, have not also been taken.

If you know the precautionary procedures you can avoid this type of problem.

The Aura

The Aura is our defence mechanism and life support structure. Just like a diver needs an aqualung to function in the underwater environment, we need a powerful aura to function within the earth realm. Quite simply, we can’t function without it.

Major aura or chakra damage is very serious and can bring about very difficult situations for people to live with. The first sign of aura damage is often panic attacks. This is caused through the very high frequencies of electro-magnetic energy which surrounds us in the universe. We are not capable of processing such high energy. That is why we have an aura to protect us. If there is any breakdown in the fabric of the aura, then this high energy can get in and if it does, it immediately triggers the central nervous system, inappropriately.”

David Ashworth, The Keys of Transformation – Book One; Birth of a New Light.

Problems arise when your inner energies get distorted by incoming energy from another person. We all have a natural defence mechanism that helps us deal with this problem. Traditionally, this has been called the aura, and acts in an analogous way to the Earth’s atmosphere. This protective shield cuts out some of the harmful radiation from the sun and bums up meteorites before they do too much damage to the Earth’s surface.

The task of your aura is to protect you from incoming energies that could potentially upset your equilibrium.

The aura is traditionally perceived by clairvoyants as an energy field that emanates from the physical body for a distance of a few feet and contains different colours, reflecting the health and state of conscious­ness of the person in question.

At a physical level, protection is such a natural part of our lives that we rarely give it much thought unless something goes wrong. For example, although the skin provides one level of protection, it is not sufficient to compensate for fluctuations in temperature, so we wear clothes. Our immune system maintains health and our homes provide an ambient climate in which to live.

In all these cases, giving additional conscious support to our basic systems increases their effectiveness. We wear different types of clothes according to what we are likely to be exposed to. We heat and insulate our homes to make them more comfortable and we have vaccinations or take antibiotics to assist our immune system. In a similar way, in the psychic system your aura can be strengthened and its effectiveness in­creased so that you are not so easily upset by disturbed energies.

Another way of looking at this consequence of psychic development is to imagine that you are in a room with no doors and windows, so that you can only hear faint sounds coming in from outside. To improve your perception of what is going on ‘out there’ you knock some holes in the walls and immediately you perceive some amazing sights and sounds.

If this is a house, getting a view of a street or open countryside for the first time would be a wonderful new experience, as long as the sun was shining and there were not any discordant sounds.

But imagine what it would be like if it started to hail, or the council workmen came to dig up the road? These openings would then be the cause of considerable inner disturbance. The solution, of course, is to put in doors, windows and curtains so that you can adjust your response to outside influences to a level that is comfortable for you. The same process applies to your aura which, in practice, is no more difficult to adjust than selecting the clothes you will wear for any particular occasion.

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Methods Of Protection

The range of different methods of psychic protection is enormous. You can use many different types of psychic protection depending upon what you are likely to encounter, as you can wear different types of protective clothing depending on the weather. But in most instances, protection can be kept at a very simple level and will be very effective.

Some people get worried that, in protecting themselves, they will be cutting off their natural sensitivity. This will not happen, unless you choose it to. Your psychic protection will adjust itself naturally to balance incoming signals so that you will still be able to ‘pick up‘ what is important, but will not be overwhelmed by an influx of any disturbing energy.

Another problem involves people who only see protection as a defence against whatever they are frightened of. Some people argue that using protection in this way actually encourages the fear to manifest itself. I do not completely agree with this sentiment, for fear does have its place in preserving us from dangerous situations. However, we do not wear clothes in fear of the weather, but through a desire to be comfortable when we face inclement temperatures.

All psychic energy at this level is controlled through your mind. Some physical objects, such as a Christian cross or garlic, have acquired additional potency for acting as protective agents because of what they have been linked to through people’s beliefs.

Developing psychic protection through your thoughts is, however, the most effective method and a suitable exercise is included here.

Ideally, a protection exercise should be carried out before any psychic work is undertaken. It can also become a very useful addition before and after meditation exercises. I always spend a few moments each day, when I get up and just before going to bed, in balancing and protecting my aura.

With practice, and by reducing the time spent relaxing, it can become an almost instantaneous response that can be called upon in any emergency situation. Practice is important. You can soon learn to carry out this exercise with your eyes open.

Try doing it when you have a few moments to yourself, on the train to work, or during a coffee break. The more that you do this, the stronger your auric protection becomes for, in my experience, each attempt has a cumulative effect.

In her book Psychic Self-Defence, Dion Fortune tells us how to deal with psychic vampires and bullies:

When dealing with a person who saps your vitality, interlace your fingers, and lay your folded hands upon your solar plexus, keeping your elbows pressed against your sides. Keep your feet touching each other. You have thus contacted all your own terminals and made of your body a closed circuit. No magnetism will go out from you while you maintain this attitude. Your friend will probably complain of your lack of sympathy, however kindly you may speak.

If anyone tries to dominate you by gazing intently into the eyes, do not attempt to return gaze for gaze, for this only leads to an exhausting struggle in which you may get the worst of it, but look steadily at the spot just above the base of their nose, between the inner ends of the eyebrows. If you are merely dealing with an ordinary bully, you will immediately have the upper hand. If, however, your antagonist has knowledge of mind-power, you may not be able to dominate him, but he certainly will not be able to dominate you, and the result will be a stalemate. Do not attempt to dominate him, merely keep your eye on the spot and wait for him to weary of his attempt to dominate you. You will not have long to wait.

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Colour and Protection

Colours are very powerful when used in psychic protection.

For example, colours are used in religious and mystical groups to denote different hierarchies or levels of authority: the Bishops, Cardinals and Pope in the Catholic Church wear coloured robes to denote their respective offices. The three colours white, blue and gold, carry the following meanings:

Gold is associated with the sun and carries a powerful Yang, or positive energy, that can be very forceful. It will consume any energy that is not in harmony with it. Those who have an outgoing, positive outlook on life will find this energy most appropriate. It suits the action people of this world. It is a colour that is most appropriate in situations where there is much disturbed energy around.

White symbolises purity and vitality. It reflects all colours and therefore has the effect of reflecting back whatever is sent at it. It can be very helpful where energies are being projected onto others. Its mirroring quality allows others to begin to see the effects of their thoughts and actions upon us. It is a good colour to use in normal day-to-day circumstances and is often the colour suggested for protection in books. 

Sky-blue is sometimes referred to as Madonna blue and carries a soothing, passive energy that neutralises and harmonises what is projected onto it. Its link with the divine feminine archetype and the quality of spiritual love gives it wide appeal. It will tend to transform and diffuse energies in a non-intrusive way. It is the natural colour for those whose approach to life is more passive and gentle.

These colour associations have been established over a long period of time by those who have meditated upon and used colour symbolism in their religious practices. These three colours are the primary protectors in the spectrum but other hues can be used, including pink and violet. These have different flavours of energy, which might attract you. The way to find out is by experimentation and noting down what you feel or sense about these qualities.

Symbols And Protection

– Of human origin, for example a shield or pyramid.

– Animals, for example a lion.

– Geometric symbols, for example a Star of David.

– Natural or cosmic symbols, for example sun, water.

– Reiki Symbols, such as the Power Symbol.

When working with symbols, you can imagine that they are over the top of your head, placed next to you (in front, behind, beside, over the top of your head or under your feet) or that you are standing within them. Their energy then becomes linked to you. At the higher grades, all martial arts are based upon the use of energy, or Ch’i, by the mind and the different ways that you can throw your opponent off-balance, by using your energy correctly.

There may be occasions where you feel a difficult energy is coming from one particular individual. In these cases, you may find that imagining a mirror between you and them is most appropriate. You can also programme your protection so that it transmutes any energy and reflected back with love.

Protection At Work

Protection is important in all areas where there may be difficult energies around. Those in the teaching, police and therapeutic profes­sions are particularly vulnerable, but in practice there are many areas or jobs that have a potentially conflicting dynamic.

A few suggestions are given below, connected to different professions, for appropriate symbols to add to your auric colour. You can experiment with them to see what feels appropriate.

•      Caring professions: caduceus (staff of Hermes) or lotus.

•      Teaching, writing: book or quill pen.

•      Law: scales.

•      Police or armed services: dog or lioness.

•      Acting: a lyre.

•      Musician: white rose over your head.

•      Mediator: lotus under one’s body or over the head

Animal symbols such as a lion, bear or dog are good guardians and general protectors whenever you feel physically or mentally threatened by something or someone. The chalice is a symbol of inspiration and should be used whenever you need additional insight. The lotus brings harmony and is excellent for group meetings where confrontations could be destructive.

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Protection Around Other Objects

Protection can be applied not just to yourself but to any person, place or object that may need psychic help. Instead of imagining that you are placing a bubble of light around yourself, visualise it around the object or person that you are thinking about.

Some examples of where protections may be appropriate include:

– Your home

– Your car

– Your place of work

– Your family members

– Your meditation room or space

– Your healing or psychic development work

– Your projects

Protection For Reiki Healers

After having been attuned to Reiki, your energy frequency will have significantly increased in vibration and you may well be feeling more sensitive, as well as intuitive and energetic.  

As your energetic vibration is that bit higher, then as well as becoming more sensitive, you may also become more energetically “attractive” to energies that don’t belong to you, or there may be energies, people, places or activities that you find it decidedly difficult to be around, in or do.

This is very much an everyday occurrence and the only thing that changes when your vibration increases with Reiki is that you are more aware of it. For example, are there certain people in your life who “drain” you, leaving you feeling exhausted after you have been with them? You may notice this more acutely or with a greater awareness now that you are attuned to Reiki.  

Therefore, it is important to make sure you are fully grounded on a daily basis and not just when you are using Reiki. If you are fully grounded then you are fine, however it is also advisable to start using some form of psychic protection.

One example of such a technique is the following:

– Imagine yourself in a “Bubble” of golden or white light that surrounds your aura (you don’t have to see your aura for this to be effective; you just need to have an openness and acceptance of the process for it to work)

– Breathe into your bubble and intend that it is completely filled with Reiki and intend that the Reiki is energising and protecting you.

– Make sure that the boundary of your bubble is strong and secure (again rely on your feelings about this) and be clear in your intention. Breathe Reiki into any areas that do not feel right and intend to strengthen them with Reiki.

– With your out breath, intend to release anything from inside the bubble which is negative, discordant or inappropriate for you.

– Intend that the bubble will continue to keep you safe and protected throughout the day and night.

Instead of a bubble, some people might use a golden dome of protection and then fill that with Reiki.

Other people use eggs, pyramids or other shapes, and some put mirrors on the outside of their bubbles or eggs to automatically reflect any unwanted energies back to the Earth or the Universe. It is all down to personal preference of course, and with techniques like these you are only limited (or not) by your imagination.

– Whichever technique you use, the important thing is to make your intention clear (energy follows thought) and to have confidence in yourself and in the technique and develop a sense of knowing and trust that you are protected. Don’t focus on what it is protecting you from, as then your focus is on the negative rather than the positive.

– When you are doing this technique on a daily basis, then it can be easy to allow it to become a ritualised behaviour that you are carrying out without any feeling.

– Try not to allow it become a chore for you. It is important for your energetic well-being, so keep that in mind and you can try and make it fun. (I sometimes liken it to cleaning your teeth; you might have tried to get out of it when you first started, but nowadays you certainly wouldn’t dream of leaving your house or flat without doing it first! 

– It needn’t take up much time in the morning. You can start off with a five or ten minute exercise while you get used to it. After a while you can get it down to a minute or less.

Grounding and protection can be done in a minute or so in the morning before you leave home and of course they can be repeated throughout the day if you deem it necessary or beneficial. A strong, vibrant positive intention is the most important aspect.

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Ten Secrets of Psychic Protection

Everyone is sensitive to atmospheres and vibrations.  This is a normal human sensitivity. But some of us are more highly tuned than others.

William Bloom, Sep 13, 2018

Some sceptics might protest and say that it is all imaginary – made up by an overactive mind – and I reply: Did you ever rent or buy a home where you didn’t like the vibe?  The sceptic responds: Never! And I, trying not to be smug, say: Case proven. Because you are sensitive to atmospheres.

One of my friends was an officer in a nuclear submarine. When things went wrong and needed fine tuning, the captain always asked my friend to fix it because he had an extraordinary sensitivity to how the vessel felt and where it needed attention.

My dad was a psychiatrist and disliked all kinds of psychism and spirituality. Nevertheless he claimed that he could tell what was wrong with his patients the moment that they stood in the doorway of his consulting room. How could he do this? He said that he could read body language, but I have known of many blind people who have the same ability so cannot ready body language. So what is the source of their sensitivity? And in your own home or work place, can you feel the mood of someone coming in the front door – especially if they are angry or depressed?

This is all very normal stuff. We all sense invisible stuff. It is a human sense just like sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Sometimes, in ‘respectable’ language, it is called intuition. For me, I simply understand it as a result of the fact that we all have magnetic fields. Every atom and cell in our body has a magnetic field. That is basic chemistry and physics. Planet Earth has a magnetic field. Birds guide their migration roots using their magnetic field.

When something enters our magnetic field, it creates an ‘event’ that ripples through into our nervous system. We then feel or sense it.

The challenge for some people, including me, is that we have very sensitive energy fields and nervous systems. This means that sometimes we feel too much and it can be disturbing, tiring or even overwhelming.

In my mid-twenties for instance I lived off-grid for two years in the High Atlas Mountains of southern Morocco. When I came back home to central London my body could not stop shaking for several months as I felt all the vibrations of the city after two years in the mountain calm.

At the same time I was also exploring different approaches to spirituality and healing. Because of my own sensitivity I was particularly interested in spooks and negative atmospheres. I explored whether these unpleasant experiences were psychological or energetic phenomena and how to discern the difference. I led many workshops and trainings in this topic and wrote two books Psychic Protection and Feeling Safe on the subject.

I can summarise the advice I give to people who are sensitive to energies:Learn about your magnetic field and energy body; and how it integrates with your nervous and endocrine systems. Know thyself.

– Do what works best to strengthen your nervous system. Less caffeine, less alcohol, less recreational drugs, less rubbish food. More exercise.

– Learn about internal martial arts – chi gung– how to use meditation and movement to build your inner strength.

– Develop a stable grounded centre of gravity – what is called hara in martial arts and bottom in horse riding.

– Practice the classical strategies of psychic protection such as protective bubbles, shield, columns of lights, power animals and plants.

– Keep your energy moving – physically, psychologically and in your home and workplace.

– Use your sensitivity to deepen your connection with the unconditional love that permeates the universe.

– Ask and pray for help.

– Develop your ability to love, bless and forgive those whom you dislike and might be ‘enemies’.

– Understand that sometimes you attract difficult situations that are in fact great opportunities for learning and development.

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