A Powerful Prayer For Healing & Protection
Shakuntala Modi M.D.

Dr. Shakuntala Modi, a board certified psychiatrist, has used hypnotherapy in her practice for 35 years. Under hypnosis, many of her patients regressed to a past life or recalled having human, demon or alien spirits within them, or having soul fragmentation and soul loss as the source of their mental, emotional and physical symptoms.

By resolving these issues, patients often feel relief from their symptoms, sometimes in just one or two sessions. The wisdom she has derived from these experiences is the subject of Prayers for Healing and Protection.

This fascinating book is full of hope, energy and life. People will be drawn to it and want to share it with others. The descriptions are incredible and very easy to visualize, especially the descriptions of the Light and how it connects and illuminates everything.

Prayers for Healing and Protection is a very powerful and healing book. This prayer has been adapted from Prayers for Healing and Protection, A Gift from God by Shakuntala Modi, M.D. (Strategic Book and Publishing Rights Co. 2013).

Dr. Modi’s Healing and Protection Prayer

In the name I AM THAT I AM, my beloved Holy Christ/Buddha Self and Holy Christ/Buddha Selves of all lightbearers throughout cosmos

– I invoke the power and presence of God, my angels, Higher Self, heavenly guides, masters, and oversouls with whom I AM connected. I also invoke the Higher Self, angels, archangels, guides, and masters of every soul and dimension throughout the creation to actively participate in this healing, please.

– I request the angels to put the magnetic shields around the whole creation and the void around them and everything and everybody in them, including me and my family members.

– I request the angels to put the magnetic shields around every universe, galaxy, solar system, parallel universe, sun, moon, star, asteroid, comet, planet, black hole, inter- and interdimensional pathway, dimension that used to be hell and is now the dimension of Light, space that used to be purgatory and other spaces used by Satan and his demons.

– I request the angels to put the magnetic shields around Satan, his demons, their warehouses and working places, all the dark portals all over the earth and the creation and in every person, and all the dark places they lead to; around every planet including the Earth and all the parallel dimensions around the Earth, around every country, state, district, city, town, and village, and around every structure and monument; around every home and building and every room, hallway, attic, basement and everything and everybody in them, including all the electrical and electronic appliances and gadgets, electrical powerhouses, outlets, and all the satellite stations.

– Please put magnetic shields around volcanoes, tectonic plates, water bodies such as rivers, ponds, waterfalls, and oceans; all the forests, mountains, desert areas; all the streets, farmlands, drinking water sources and land all over, the air and atmosphere and all the natural and created vortexes all over and around the Earth and creation and under every home, building, street, land, and water body; around all cars and transportation vehicles and their stations and parking lots.

– Please activate all the magnetic shields all around the creation, heaven and the void around them and everything and everybody in them.

– Please turn the switch of the magnetic shields to the Eject sign.

– I pray to eject everything from our mind, body, and soul that is responsible for all our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relationship problems.

– I pray to eject all the foreign spirits, dark shields, dark devices, dark connections, dark blocks, and dark energy, all the infectious organisms of every type that are not good for us. Please eject everything from every system, every organ, every part, skin, muscles, bones, joints, nails, teeth, gums, tongue, throat, voice box, scalp, hair follicles and hair, endocrine glands, and all the aging hormones, gray hair pigments, aging cells, and aging tissues.

– I pray to eject everything that is responsible for our ego, arrogance, feelings of superiority, inferiority, shame, guilt, selfish and self-centred thoughts and behaviour, desire to control others, desire to judge or criticize others and ourselves, desire to hurt others and ourselves, anxiety, fears and phobias of every type, anger, hate, jealousy, paranoia, psychosis, depression, manic depression, obsessive-compulsive thoughts and behaviour, Tourette’s syndrome, autism, addictions to drugs, alcohol, food, tobacco, cigarettes, sex and gambling. Please eject all the darkness from all our memories, thoughts, and behaviours.

– I pray to eject everything responsible for our unresolved physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relationship problems, coming from our past lives.

– I pray to eject everything that should not be there from all our kundalini, meridians, nadis, chakras, psychic antennas, grids, all 32 strands of our DNA, all the connecting cords between all the souls and dimensions in the creation and heaven, from all our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

– Please eject all the negative energy and negative memories from every cell; all our personal, cultural, racial, religious and psychological blocks. Eject everything that should not be there from all the areas of natural and manmade disasters and everybody who is affected by the disasters and the surroundings.

– Please collect everything ejected in the net of Light, transform them, and take them to heaven.

– I pray to God to flood the whole creation, heaven, the void all around and everything and everybody in them and all around them with the white, crystalline, liquid Light and remove everything that is left over.

– Please turn the switch of the magnetic shield to the Attract sign.

– Please allow all the missing soul parts to come back from Satan, his demons, their warehouses where they have stored all our soul parts from the beginning of our existence, people, places, darkness, and heaven, from this time and space and beyond, which we lost in this life and all the other lifetimes from the beginning of our existence and creation of our soul.

– Cleanse them, heal them, fill them with the Light, and integrate them with whom or where they belong.

– Clamp the cord to all the missing soul parts, which cannot be brought back at this time, twenty or more times and fill them with crystalline violet flame.

– I pray to God to flood the whole creation, heaven, and the void and everything and everybody in them with the violet flame and let it blaze into intense violet flame and heal and realign all our DNA.

– Please create Light centres everywhere we have put the magnetic shields all over the creation.

– Shield the whole creation and the void and everything and everybody in them, including where the dark portals were, with the triple compression chambers of crystalline, white Light.

– Let the youth hormones flow through the whole body and reverse the aging process of every soul, including me and my family members, friends, and each and every human being.

– I pray to God to activate my mind, body, and soul, all the connecting cords to God, masters, guardian angels, heavenly guides, Higher Self, inner self, Akashic records, and to every soul in the creation and heaven. Also activate the grid, kundalini, meridians, nadis, twelve major and all the minor chakras, psychic antennas, all the brain centres and thirty-two strands of DNA, and every cell and infuse them with the crystalline, golden, liquid Light.

– Activate and open all the psychic abilities as required and shield and protect them when not required.

– Expand only for good the Light in Satan and his demons.

– Put the orbs of crystalline light to block Satan and his demons’ thoughts and intensions.

– Put in place the psychic shield so negative people cannot send the negative thoughts.

– Add the triple compression chamber of crystalline light and the violet shield.

– Add the sound shield to block demons from tapping into our conversations and thoughts.

– Please put the Violet Portal Guard around the whole creation, the void and around everything and everybody in them.

– Add the invisibility shield so Satan, his demons and other people cannot find where we are.

– I pray to God to activate the production of stem cell in the bone marrow continuously and allowing it to be taken in the blood stream to the damaged and diseased parts of the body to be healed.

– Activate my Christ Self. Do this for every soul throughout creation.

According to God’s will, wisdom, and love, it is done.

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