Feeling is the secret of a joyful and happy life

All things exist in the human imagination

Neville Goddard

Feeling Is The Secret by Neville Goddard

Feeling Is The Secret by Neville Goddard describes how to use your feelings, thoughts and imagination to completely change your reality. He tries to get you to come to the understanding that everything you experience in your life is created in another plane of existence first and then brought here for you to experience in this world.

Nothing in your life happens randomly, it is all pre-planned in another plane of existence, which in esotericism is represented by the mental plane.

The key aspect of this work is the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind.

The conscious mind is the male portion of consciousness and the subconscious is the female portion. If you want to manifest something into the psychical world (a desire) the male has to impregnate the female in order for it to happen. This law can easily be compared to the creation of a baby.

Anything that is impressed upon your subconscious mind with your conscious mind will eventually birth itself into existence in the physical plane.  

You impress your subconscious mind with your thoughts and feelings. Neville Goddard says that the subconscious transcends reason and will bring about whatever situation it sees fit to get the job done.

An example could be that you get angry that someone cut you off in traffic and you end up dwelling on that for most of the day. Then later that day you end up breaking your phone screen or stubbing your toe. You may think those two incidents are unrelated but behind the scenes your subconscious was looking for more ways to get you angry because that’s what you were dwelling on.

Another example could be that you spend all your time consciously thinking about getting sick, it will become implanted into your subconscious and you will become sick at some point in time.

This is the reason why is really important to be present, to be consciously aware of your thoughts and feelings and make sure you’re not dwelling on anything negative. Your subconscious is always working to bring about events and circumstances into your life 24/7.

Neville also mentions that you shouldn’t suppress your feelings but just be disciplined with them. If you don’t want something bad to happen to you or someone else don’t dwell on it happening. Instead dwell on what it would be like to feel healthy, wealthy and loved.

In his book “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind”, Joseph Murphy tells the story of a man who lost his arm.

This is the suggestion a man gave to his subconscious mind over a period of about two years: “I would give my right arm to see my daughter cured.” It appeared that his daughter had a crippling form of arthritis together with a so-called incurable form of skin disease. 

Medical treatment had failed to alleviate the condition, and the father had an intense longing for his daughter’s healing, and expressed his desire in the words just quoted.

One day the family was out riding when their car collided with another. The father’s right arm was torn off at the shoulder, and immediately the daughter’s arthritis and skin condition vanished. 

You must make certain to give your subconscious only suggestions, which heal, bless, elevate, and inspire you in all your ways. Remember that your subconscious mind cannot take a joke. It takes you at your word.”

Feeling Is A Prayer – Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Times best-selling author, scientist, international educator and renowned as a pioneer in the emerging paradigm based in science, social policy and human potential.

Gregg mentions Neville Goddard in his excellent book ‘The Isaiah Effect‘:

“Consider the effects of prayer through a simple model. Over fifty years ago, in 1947, Dr. Hans Jenny developed a new science to explore the relationship between vibration and form.

Through well-documented studies, Dr. Jenny demonstrated that vibration produced geometry. In other words, by creating vibration in a material that we can see, the pattern of the vibration becomes visible in that medium.

When we change the vibration, we change the pattern. When we return to the original vibration, the original pattern reappears.

Through experiments conducted in a variety of substances, Dr. Jenny produced an amazing variety of geometric patterns, ranging from very complex to very simple, in such materials as water, oil, and graphite and sulfur powder.

Each pattern was simply the visible form of an invisible force.

The significance of these tests is that Dr. jenny proved, beyond any doubt, that vibration causes a predictable pattern in the substance that it is projected into. Thought, feeling, and emotion are vibration

Science that suggests that our future may already exist as one of many “possibilities,” dormant in “the soup of creation“. As we make new choices in our lives each day, we awaken new possibilities, and fine-tune the eventual outcome.

This view implies that each time we ask for something in prayer, a possibility exists where our prayer is already answered. 

The key to choosing one outcome from among many possible outcomes is our ability to feel as if our choice has already come to pass. From our previous definition of prayer as “feeling,” then, stated another way, we are invited to find the quality of thought and emotion that produces such a feeling — living as if our prayer had already been answered.

When thought, feeling, and emotion are not aligned, each may be considered as out of phase with the others. While there may be brief areas of overlap, much of the pattern is unfocused, working in different directions, independent of the rest of the pattern. The result is a scattering of energy.

Cancer Cured In 3 Minutes

In this incredible video Gregg Braden shows how three men cure a woman’s cancer in real time only by using the strength of their mind – combining thoughts and feelings.

Gregg Braden – Quantum Healing of Tumour thru the Power of Thought & Feeling

“What you feel you are, always dominates what you would like to be; therefore to be realized, the wish must be felt as a state that is, rather than a state that is not. Sensation precedes manifestation and is the foundation upon which all manifestation rests”

Neville Goddard

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