What Grounding Really Means
Grounding: such a simple, yet weird concept

We often hear people talking about grounding. We are told to imagine all sort of ‘weird’ things, such as growing roots from our feet, seeing ourselves like a carrot, hug trees etc.

I have written a few posts about grounding, which you can find at the end of this post. However, here I want to give you some useful information and a few examples.

So  …. what is grounding, really?

We ground naturally, by drinking enough water, breathing consciously, eating good food and doing enough physical exercise. In practice, we ground naturally when we eat, drink, breath and connect to the energy of the Earth.

We say ‘Someone has their feet on the ground’ when this person is grounded; the dictionary says “a sensible and practical attitude towards life, and do not have unrealistic ideas.”.

Energetically speaking, the energy that we receive ‘from the Universe’ is grounded through our body, into the Earth. Our body is a conductor of energy, so grounding energy this way prevents overcharging the system.

For example, power sockets have a grounding pin and grounding cable that connects them to the ground.

Healers and energy workers in general need to ground more often and spend more time in doing so, because healing and high vibrational work tends to unground us.

On the other hand, when someone is ungrounded we say ‘her head is in the clouds’, which indicates daydreaming, absentminded, being aware of what is going on, etc.

Dehydration results in being totally ungrounded because we are made of water, which is a conductor of energy. Typical symptoms of being dehydrated is that we get a massive headache.

Taking pills may not help as these will only address the symptoms, but not the cause. Why do we get a headache? One of the reasons is that the energy in our body is not equally distributed and tends to concentrate in the top part of our body.

Grounding is about bringing our focus  and thoughts in the present time. Going for a walk in the park or exercising while our mind is ‘somewhere else’ is not really grounding, but an illusion of grounding.

The same applies to meditation and visualisation. Mindfulness really helps with grounding as this form of mediation is about being present by focusing on the five senses.

Can I ground while flying?

We believe that grounding really works only when our feet are flat on the floor/ground, when we are in nature, or barefoot.

We need to remember that ‘energy follows thought‘. Every time we focus our thoughts on something, we move energy. This is the power of visualisation.

Hence, we can be on an airplane 36,000 Feet above ground and still be able to ground our energy. However, we need to consider that the airplane travels high speed. This may cause the astral, etheric and physical bodies to go out of sync. This may result in feeling a bit dizzy for some time after landing, while our subtle bodies ‘catch up’ with each other.

A simple, yet effective exercise you can do is the following: while you are travelling on the plane, imagine that an exact copy of you, in fact your astral body, is waiting for you at the airport. Perhaps he/she is even holding a sign with your name written on it. Imagine that you are collecting your luggage, leaving the secure zone and meeting your astral body, who greets you, hugs you and merges with you. Do this with real intent and you will notice the difference!

By the way, you can also ground while lying down on your bed.

Grounding is 3D/5D

We often hear people talking about the Earth moving from 3D to 5D. This is a change of vibration and consciousness. A little tip here that really helped me in the past.

When we ground, we tend to ground to the Earth we know, which is in the 3d dimension. This used to be ok until a few years back however now is no longer useful.

Our subtle bodies are trying to increase their vibration to 5D, but we are trying to ground our energy to the Earth that is still in 3D. What happens is a bit like trying to touch the ground with are feet while cycling high speed. Not only we create a resistance, but we may risk to fall down.

My suggestion is when you ground, if you are visualising roots going down the Earth, send a clear thought that you are grounding your energy to the New Earth in 5D. It is as simple as that!

The lady who had nightmares every night, for months

A few years back I used to run energy management classes for the employees of a local Council in London. These classes were quite popular and it was my first experience with teaching energy management.

I remember that one of the attendees approached me on the first day of the class and told me that she had been having nightmares every single night for months. I did not have much experience back then but I remembered one of my teachers saying during a class that grounding exercises helped greatly with stress release and relaxation, better sleep and also with nightmares.

I told this lady to attend all classes as she may see some results.

She attended all classes, one hour every week for five weeks. At the end of the 5-week class, and practicing in between classes, she was amazed to find that all her nightmares had disappeared and that she could finally have restful nights and lovely dreams.

In conclusion

I would like to conclude by saying that we often complicate things in life, to the point where we no longer know what to do or what to think. My motto is ‘Let’s keep it simple, let’s get back to basics‘.

Important ingredients here are:

Practice, practice and …. practice: practicing for 15 minutes per day is much better than doing it for 1 hour once a week.

Be Flexible: don’t wait for the ‘perfect conditions‘. Be flexible. If you cannot do these exercises at home, stop somewhere for 10 minutes and do them in the park, in the office, while standing in the queue at the supermarket or while travelling on the train. When working for the Council (above) sometime I had withdraw from the energy of the office and lock myself in the toilet to clear and ground my energy. It made such a difference.

Find Time: we often say : ‘If I only had time ..” – in truth, we have time. In fact each of us gets 24 hours a day. Our choices determine how we allocate this time each day of our lives. We tend to spend time doing things that we value. Hence, we need to sit down and think about what is of great value in our lives. Only then we will understand how to allocate our time wisely for things that are important to us.

Make it simple: you don’t like imagining roots growing under your feet? Imagine whatever you like. Once an engineer took part in one of my Reiki courses. He did not like roots, he just could not doing it, to the point that he was getting frustrated and impatient with himself (and with me). I told him to use his imagination and create whatever resonated with him. He imagined building a house, from the foundations, pouring cement cement, using bricks, laying electric cables, etc. That was his way to ground and he really enjoyed it. He was able to enjoy and integrate this exercise in this daily routine and because an expert in grounding.

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