How To Create A Crystal Grid And Start Manifesting Your Dream Life

The Reiki Crystal Grid is a powerful configuration using eight crystals charged with Reiki energy so that they will continuously send Reiki to anyone (people, animals, plants, places, events) whose picture or name you place in the grid. This technique is more effective than the use of a single crystal and can be used to send Reiki to many destinations at the same time.

Crystals are very easy to work with anyway however as a Reiki practitioner you have another way of working with them with Reiki energies that is well worth looking at in more detail.

If you are a Reiki Master, both of the Reiki Master symbols are powerful tools for interacting with and opening up the energy fields of anything. Crystals are naturally growing structures and some of their electromagnetic properties resemble those of the human energy field and they respond well to Reiki and to the Reiki Master symbols.

As we know, crystals have the ability to absorb, store and emit energy and since information can be encoded as energy patterns (i.e. like electromagnetic patterns on the magnetic hard disk of a computer: or energy imprints created in homeopathy; or as a patterned of reflected light waves in laser and CD technology, photography and film etc) crystals can therefore be programmed with information and dedicated to certain frequencies of energy.

When we programme a crystal, we transfer and imprint the energy patterns of our thoughts and intentions or simply the energy itself onto the energy structure of the crystal. The use of the Reiki symbols prepares the crystal and also can help to amplify and protect the imprint.

Use whichever crystals you feel drawn to. Follow your intuition rather than books (though by all means read a few books about crystals). Clear quartz is a very powerful and universally available crystal. It is also highly responsive, easy to handle and widely available.

Some people prefer crystals in their naturally grown shapes, and others prefer cut or tumblestones, and it really doesn’t make any difference to the process unless you have a particular bias which you are ignoring. It is worth noting the theory that tumbles work well, but crystals in their naturally grown shape have their natural energy pattern and therefore a more powerful energy structure.

Reiki practitioners of any lineage and style can use the process below to create their own crystal grid. However, Just allow your intuition to guide you so that you can create your own.

Send Reiki with a clear intention to clear/cleans/program, integrating in the process the Power symbol, Emotional/Mental and the Distant symbols.

Reiki Masters can use Master symbols. If you are a Holy Fire® Reiki Master, you can use the Usui Master symbol and the Holy Fire® Reiki Master symbol.

Process to Cleanse and Programme a Crystal

The following process is an adaptation of a technique based on one of Diane Stain’s in her book “Healing with Gemstones and Crystals”.

You should always clean the crystals first – opinions differ on this, but you could do something as simple as using your breath and intention to clear, and then dedicate the crystal to love and light. You could use running water (so long as the crystal is not water soluble), moonlight, you could even cover them in brown rice or you could use a dedicated crystal cleansing spray.

1. Hold the crystal between your hands in Gassho and feel its energy. Send the Usui Master symbol into the stone to open up its energy field.

2. Now use the Emotional/Mental Symbol with the intention for clearing and cleansing its energy.

3. Focus on your intention for programming on the purpose that you would like the crystal to serve and tune into the crystal to feel if it is willing to act in the way you wish. Should the crystal accept your intention, state in your mind “So be it” and fix it into the crystal with the Power symbol.

4. Dedicate the crystal by stating “Only the most positive and high-level energies may work through this crystal”.

5. Take as long as you like for all of the above steps – you also have the option of adding the Distant symbol for healing stones so that they can also work at a distance and you can increase their energy and power anyway

6. Finish with the Usui Master Symbol and ask and intend that the stones become self-clearing. It will not become entirely so, but will need far less clearing than before.

How To Create A Crystal and Programme a Crystal Grid

Choose eight crystals by following your inner guidance in finding those that would work best in your grid. Prepare each crystal individual as outlined in the previous paragraph. At step 3 state as your intention that the crystal shall become part of a powerful Reiki Crystal Grid.

You use six crystals for the outer part of the grid, one for the centre and one to use as a master crystal. To create the outer part of the grid, choose six single terminated crystals. The central crystal of the grid can be single or double terminated, a crystal pyramid, a crystal ball or a crystal cluster. The master crystal needs to be single or double terminated and of an elongated shape.

The eight crystals of your grid could all be quartz crystals or you could choose a selection of quartzes, selenite, calcites, fluorites etc.

Once they are prepared, arrange the outer six crystals in a hexagram about eight to twelve inches across with the points toward the centre. Place the central crystal in the middle. The master crystal is placed outside the grid, off to one side.

Then you can choose what to put in your Reiki crystal grid. Maybe a picture of yourself and write a positive open ended affirmation on the back (for example “The love and wisdom of Reiki guides and empowers me to fulfil my life purpose” or “I am completely healed by divine love and wisdom now”) and place it under the central crystal. You may wish pictures of others, of pets, lists of names, maps of areas, your Multiple Healing list etc. You can put whatever you like and then place the central crystal on top of the stack.

It is good idea to place your grid on a piece of wooden board or strong card so that you can move it around if you need to. You could even use small amounts of blue tack to keep the crystals in place. Keep your grid in a sacred private place.

You will need to charge your Reiki crystal grid to keep it empowered. To do this, hold the master crystal between your hands and draw the Distance symbol over it followed by any other symbol you are guided to use. Then give Reiki to the master crystal for five to ten minutes. As you do this you can also ask or invoke your guides or angels or other spiritual beings to work with you and to charge the master crystal with love and deep healing.

Once the master crystal is charged, use it to draw the Distance symbol over the grid followed by any other symbol you are guided to use. Then point the master crystal at the central crystal and begin moving it out to one of the outer crystals, then move it over to the crystal next to it, then move it back in to the central crystal, then back out to the same outer crystal, then move over to the next outer crystal and in and out and continue directing the energy of the master crystal in and out and around.

You can go around either clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on how you are guided. Go around the grid seven times.

As you so charge the Reiki crystal grid with your master crystal, say a continuous series of affirmations or prayers such as “I charge this grid with light, with light, with light, to heal, to heal, to heal. I charge this grid with Reiki, with Reiki, with Reiki, to heal, to heal, to heal.”

Once your Reiki crystal grid is charged, anyone whose name or picture you place under the central crystal will continuously receive distance healing. You can also place descriptions of your goals and they will be blessed with Reiki.

As you need to charge your master crystal to empower the grid fully in the first place, so you will also need to give the master (and thus the grid) a “top-up” every so often. I would also recommend spending recharging the whole grid from time to time. Go with your own intuition regarding the time interval. With my own crystal grid, I am drawn to the charge the master about every week or so and the entire grid about every month.

Giancarlo Serra is a Reiki Master Teacher of Usui/Tibetan, Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® systems of healing and works as a Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist. Read more.